Jun 17, 2018

Sometimes I grow so tired - Always live your passion

I was given a gift in the days of my youth, sewing. I like to say I didn't find it but it found me. When it found me I knew it was a blessing. 

My teenage friends spending their money at the mall while I was spending mine at the fabric store making my clothes for school the next day. 

Taking only one class - fashion design in high school. If needed to know I taught myself. If making mistakes trying it again knowing you don't get worse by doing only better. 

Cosmology, Real Estate Sales, odd jobs throughout the years sewing was always there. Then the kids arrived sewing for my babies. 

A stay at home mom needing work a friend ask to teach my passion. A door opens. 

It seemed easy starting a sewing school while having kids. Becoming my mommy job having control of my time for my kids. Like sewing, one step at a time, it takes time but doing something daily be it big or small you can create something that you can be proud of. You know its good because others tell you.
In the beginning, not knowing what to teach. Being taught by the students until the words started flowing.

Thinking how easy it was selling the flowing words while I took care of sweet children of mine. 

The years pass by, saying the same words. People wanting the same baby steps to get started or a little push to their dreams and passion.

So many good people, so many good memories. Stages of life.  

The babies are grown and time they were on their way. 

The business has been good, teaching my passion and giving my knowledge. Never knowing it all but know more than most. Learning what I didn't know. Learning what the students wanted. My little focus group lasting for years teaching me how to be. 

Sometimes I grow so tired its time for me to ramble on. The words I didn't know how to say in the beginning, made me a lot of fortune through the years, became my nightmare to speak. I got tired of the word and in the end, it was noticeable while the school came to a close. The feeling of relief of not having to say the words. Desiring change.

Soon the website will disappear. The social media, the Youtube videos, and blog will remain the same for the school with no new additions. It was a pleasure giving back but that was then and this is now. New Beginnings.

Coming to the last chapters of the book deciding how I want to write it. The design I had in my mind's eye for so long it's not true has gone from a fire to a fizzle. Because I know just like the words that were so easy to say will soon become tiresome. Not wanting all that but the passion and the feeling of being creative brings. What is the desire? Building it bigger or keeping it simple. Both could be accomplished. It's come down to the desire and what will set the fire until the end of this path, life. 

Sometimes you have to sit at the crossroad and have a beer to decide what path you should take. I want to take it easy, slow ride. I want more music in my life. I want more time to be creative. I want to get out of this city. Not having a business to open every day but to fly away living in the moment letting the moments' blessings present themselves and being thankful for the beauty they bring.
It's either a lesson or a blessing, the moments. I've learned a lot by making many mistakes. I'm thankful for the mistakes because, in the end, all we need is love. He who dies with the most love wins. What do you love? I love sewing. It has always been a part of my life and it always will. I never had fear in all my years with sewing by my side, by blessing. It will always take care of me.

This will be my last post for this blog. Thank you for reading!  

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