Oct 3, 2014


 Lets say your sewing a pattern and they want you to use lining. You don't want to line the what your sewing because the fabric is thick enough, you can't see through it, and you live in the tropics when you don't want to line many things because of the heat.

NO WORRIES! You can make a facing from the pattern. IT'S EASY!

A facing is a small piece of fabric that hangs on the inside of the garment. It's used to finish off a raw edge. If its as big as the outside fabric it's called a liner.

Here's how to make a facing using the pattern.

Place paper on the table with the pattern on top and draw/trace the cutting line along the raw edge you want to finish. Say the neckline, armhole, waistline. 

Depending on what I'm sewing and what kind of fabric I'm working with decides how wide I want to make the facing. Usually I go around 2 to 3 inches which give me a little seam allowance. Follow the line you traced how ever long you want your facing to be and draw another line inside the pattern.

Use this to cut the fabric that will hang on the inside of the raw edge your trying to finish. 

Remember all facings get interfacing. Do you know how many people get confused thinking interfacing and facings are one in the same. They aren't the same ... just so you know.

Until next time ~ Enjoy your sewing moments,
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