Nov 24, 2013

Keeping up with Whats New at L2S

As you can see I don't blog much anymore. All this social media and there's only so much time in the day. I can remember posting 3-5 times a week on here and now it's maybe once a month. 

No worries though. You can follow along with Learn2Sew on Facebook.
Here's a few of the last post.
Saturday Sewing Class - everyone hard at work getting high on sewing!
I still have seats available for Wednesday sewing class 930-11:30 and 11:30-1:30. Let me know....
Enjoy your sewing moments ~ Cindy
 Learn 2 Sew Florida
Many of my students come to class because they think they don't know how to do it when really once I start teaching them they do know but just need a little help. Jump in, its great fun. See you in class and don't forget Black Friday sale. ~ Cindy


I taught 9 people how to use a sewing machine the past couple days. There's one step that always a new student has trouble doing or remembering, so I made a video to help.
Thank you so much to the new students who started this week. I can't want to take you to higher places with more sewing knowledge. See you in class ~ Cindy
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How to pick up your bobbin thread -
When threading the machine many of my students can't remember this step so I've made a video to watch over and over again until you do get it! Learn

 Learn 2 Sew Florida
The best part of teaching sewing is ~ you all wanting to learn for one reason or another.

The rewards come from passing on knowledge and seeing what you do with it. We are all so very different. I'm amazed at what my students can achieve with a little help! What is created makes me do a happy dance.
See you in class ~ Enjoy your moments until then, Cindy

Learn 2 Sew Florida
Sewing Tip: Fabric is bought on the bolt. 42-45 inches wide and 58-60 inches wide. The length depends on how much yardage you buy. Always buy more fabric then they tell you on the back of the pattern envelope. I've seen too many mistakes. The width goes around our body and the length goes up and down. Wash your fabric to preshrink it before you cut. Nothing worse then to make something to fit, wash it and it doesn't fit anymore.
See you in class ~ Cindy
 SEWING TIP: Tracing Paper, Tracing Wheel. One of the many ways to mark fabric. It comes in different colors so you can see the marking on fabrics. I like using it to mark darts and pleats. It makes it easy for someone new to sewing having a line to follow. You want to mark the wrong side of the fabric for DARTS and the right side of the fabric for PLEATS.
Enjoy your sewing moments, never stop learning ~ Cindy
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Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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