Sep 15, 2013

Reinventing the business... Making it work!


They say find something you like doing and do it for life. When you do and you take your last breath, like all of us must do, you will look back and leave with a smile. If there's one thing I have loved doing since a preteen has been using a sewing machine. I can't ever say I was so angry doing it that I felt the urge to give up. It's always been a blessing bringing many rewards on many levels. For this reason is why I have this business. It's my HIGH!

The first moment I had the idea to do this business (because I needed a job) I've never looked back. It hasn't been easy taking one situation at a time, one class at a time learning what had just happened to help understanding the future and the best way to go about it. How I started off teaching sewing classes 7 years ago is very different how I do them today. 

Confession Time: If your not happy with life make changes. I have to say I have not been happy for months with what was happening with my business. Some things were out of my control. 

I was getting very frustrated which caused me often times to say "WHAT THE..... " I love, love, LOVE the sewing part of the business but when it comes to the business part. I was getting tired spinning the wheel with no rewards, meaning not making much money. 

My landlord wasn't a good business partner wanting a lot in rent and going up each year while making me take care of all the repairs and pay their property taxes. It was a good location for a couple of years but it wasn't so good the past year. And it seemed like I was having more and more problems with people scheduling, rescheduling classes for one reason or another. Thinking I had full classes and one or two people showing up. This effected how much money was being brought in. Not everyone thought my company policy applied to them. 

For months I have been thinking of new ways to run this business. When you're not happy make change. Except I wasn't making the change. I was all talk (thought) and no action so life kicked me in the ass and broke the AC at the sewing cave. When I fixed the problem a few days later two of the front windows popped for no reason at all. Not only was I having problem with the business but struggling with some personal problems. Within 24 hours of the windows breaking I made the decision I wasn't bringing in enough money to keep doing what I was doing so I packed up and moved out stacking the sewing cave belongings in my house.

I don't want to keep doing what I was doing, the way I was running L2S. I want to find a small space to work out of teaching 2-3 people at a time. I need to move all this stuff out of my house! I also need a space to sew and work on my own designs. (Zepbabe Designs - anything and everything Led Zeppelin). I realized I wasn't giving myself time behind the sewing machine to design my own creations. 

Since the decision was made to go into a much smaller space (office with a couple rooms) because having a larger storefront does not make this business money, I'm not going to need all my tables I was using when I taught 6 students at a time. I will be downsizing my sewing cave. More in this in the near future.

If there's one thing I've learned not teaching the past few weeks, the desire for people to learn sewing is in big demand. I've also learned people say they're going to do things all the time but never follow through which means I can't count on people when they say I'm going to see them in class all the time. I want to focus on the people who are very serious about learning to sew. And since I'm only going to do a few students at a time, a few classes a week, my prices are going up. When I do find a location and start giving classes again there will be no refunds, no cancellations and you must pay for the class to reserve a seat before. That was another thing hurting my business, reserving seats without payment because I knew the student well and the seat wasn't used.

I'm working on a NEW BUSINESS PLAN for L2S; Private Lessons, Sewing Parties and all day events IN YOUR HOME. I'm still looking for a location to have students come to me. But I did have thought long ago about doing sewing parties and all day/weekend events thinking it would be more of a retirement thing when I could do them a few times a year all over the country.  

Check the WEBSITE to find out about BASIC SEWING LESSONS IN YOUR HOME where you can start learning NOW and not wait for me to find a location. Check the Times AVAILABLE, pay online and start sewing!

As long as I'm sewing LIFE IS GOOD! I'll be giving home sewing lessons until I can find a location where you can come to me. I also want to do sewing retreats where we can take a weekend to learn all kinds of different things. I'm still in the process of writing my book and I'd love to make more sewing videos for you. In between all the above, I love being creative with the sewing machine making ANYTHING LED ZEPPELIN

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. Good luck, Cindy! I hope your new business model works well for you! I think raising your prices makes sense.