Aug 31, 2013

Search for the new location continues....

Location UPDATE: I view my landlord as a business partner. Since I've opened L2S over 7 years ago I've had 4 partners. The first one allowed me to start this business of making a profit within 6 months which is really good for a start up. Then he sold his portion of the business which was an ok relationship but alcohol abuse got in the way and started effecting the business. The third partner allowed some not so nice neighbors who didn't think they needed to use the restroom to relieve themselves stay in the building not making it easy for the rest of his business partners. The last partner expected me to do all the work and wanted to take way more than 3/4 the business made. L2S is a good business, one in demand. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. I'm still looking for that right business partner who will allow me to profit along with themselves. I'm surprised how many people are looking for partners but don't want to make a win win situation. Meanwhile, they have an empty space and make nothing, which is happening all around us. So not only do I need a smaller open space with a restroom and a few parking spaces, I need the right landlord who'll allow both of us to prosper, for years. Praying for that person to meet me at the crossroads.
Enjoy your sewing moments my sweet students ~ Cindy
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