Aug 31, 2013

Search for the new location continues....

Location UPDATE: I view my landlord as a business partner. Since I've opened L2S over 7 years ago I've had 4 partners. The first one allowed me to start this business of making a profit within 6 months which is really good for a start up. Then he sold his portion of the business which was an ok relationship but alcohol abuse got in the way and started effecting the business. The third partner allowed some not so nice neighbors who didn't think they needed to use the restroom to relieve themselves stay in the building not making it easy for the rest of his business partners. The last partner expected me to do all the work and wanted to take way more than 3/4 the business made. L2S is a good business, one in demand. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. I'm still looking for that right business partner who will allow me to profit along with themselves. I'm surprised how many people are looking for partners but don't want to make a win win situation. Meanwhile, they have an empty space and make nothing, which is happening all around us. So not only do I need a smaller open space with a restroom and a few parking spaces, I need the right landlord who'll allow both of us to prosper, for years. Praying for that person to meet me at the crossroads.
Enjoy your sewing moments my sweet students ~ Cindy
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Aug 21, 2013

New Location Update

I've looked at least 10 different places and have yet to find the right fit. Either they're really old and smelly with a window wall unit for AC, they want way more then I'm willing to pay or they don't want my business at their location. 

So for everyone who is calling, emailing, texting me wondering when classes will start up again, they will resume when I find a location to teach out of. I'm not signing a lease just to start up classes as fast as I can if it's not good for my business. 

This business doesn't make a lot of money with me making very little. I do it because I love what I do. I was very close to closing with what happened at my last location, paying high rent and being responsible for all the repairs. In fact if I want to open my doors again I have to borrow the money to do so, which I'm willing to do. 

Please be patient with me. Again I do love teaching but I have to be smart about how I reopen where I won't go too far into debt. 

Thanks for understanding. Cindy

Aug 18, 2013

Learning the Seam Lines VIDEO with a little comedy

If I can't teach you in person the next best thing VIDEOS! I just uploaded a new one teaching you about seam lines. I made a game out of this video and try to make you laugh. HAVE FUN! Learning to sew does not have to be so BORING.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Aug 15, 2013

Have you seen my Sewing Vids?

I started this business when my kids were 6 & 8 yrs old. When they were little I would give them all my attention. Since I opened they've had to share me with L2S. They are now 13 & 15 and I have to say it's been a blessing being forced to not teach the past 3 weeks and spending all my time with them again. They go back to school next week. I've decided to put off looking for the new location until next then and just enjoy the moments with my children. 

Since I can't teach you in person I've uploaded a few videos on YouTube. Check them out! And there's more on my YouTube Page!


The search for the new location will begin again next week. I have to find the spot that works best for you the student and me as a business owner. And if you're in South Broward Florida area and know of a place shoot me an email!

I'll be back with updates soon....
Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy