May 3, 2013

First Solo along with a few Group Dances - Proud Mom Here

 My daughter has been dancing since she was 4yrs old at Dance Express. She has been competing with the same group of girls for years.

I had to cancel one of my Saturday classes so I could see her very first solo. Many of my students want to see the videos so.... drum roll please....

Last weekend they had a few dances. My daughters group. It's the same dance as the solo but all together  which makes it a much different dance. I call it "Happy Feet with Attitude" 

Younger girls group - Imagine, what a beautiful song and dance.


The older girls and younger girls in a big group dance. I can't get the video to upload so here's the link

We have this weekend off and the next two weekends we'll be going all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Church - overall 4th place winners in senior division!
You Can't Stop the Beat- 3rd overall junior division!
You guys ROCK!!!!
Miracle, Bikini, God Bless America, Imagine,
Elite golds!

Thanks for letting me share. I did alter the blue skirts for God Bless America. They buy their costumes and don't have them made. 
Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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