Oct 19, 2012

Are your pants too short?

Usually nowadays when you buy pants they're too long. Well, I got a great price on these pants but they're too short. An easy fix! Add some trim to the hem.

I had this trim laying around because I save all leftovers just for this reason. It was a little too light in color so I tea dyed it meaning I put the trim in some hot water with a tea bag and let it soak for a few hours. 

When ever you do something like this you always want to sew on the right side of the fabric (not the wrong side). 

I didn't want to see the trim on top of the fabric so I used pins to pins on the right side of the fabric to hold the trim to the wrong side of the pant leg. 

I matched the thread in the bobbin with the trim and used a dark blue thread for the top thread doing through the needle. 

Time to sew! The first stitch was made right below the existing hem thread line pulling the pins out as you go. I put my pins in this way to hold more of the fabric and trim together. Don't pull out your pins before you get to them or the trim will move out of place.
 I made a second stitch line at the bottom of the hem at the fold to keep the edge of the pants and the trim secure. 

This project took 15minutes to do (besides the few hours the trim soaked in the tea dye)

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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