Feb 13, 2011

Make it Work - MIA and Why

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted anything on this blog. There was a time when I would post 3-4 times a week and now I'm having a hard time just getting one a month on here. I think I figured out why things haven't been working for me as far as doing the blog post and oh yeah, I haven't sent out a newsletter at all this year too.

So here's what hit me this week. Back in September I added 8hours of class time to the weekly schedule. Things have been hard with the kids needing this and that so I needed to work more. Except its killing me and I can't keep up with everything on my plate. Something has to give!

Since I can't take any hours away from when the kids I have to drop some teaching hours. I'm not going to be doing Thursday morning classes anymore. I hope this new found time will allow me to play catch up with running my business. The sewing part is so much more fun than the running the business part. We do things we like the most so the other stuff has been pushed aside. The one thing that comes first is me being mom to my kids. In a few years they aren't going to need me as much and I'll have more time to teach.

Since I have more people coming to my classes than read this blog I've kind of pushed this thing aside. There are so many things I want to share with my students as far as technique, where to find the good deals and just showcasing the students who fly with the art of sewing. Lets hope I can get better with doing the week in review because I know you all love seeing yourself at the sewing cave.

If there was one thing I would wish for it would be time. It's the only thing we all have the same. You can't get any more or any less. We all share the same 24hrs in each day and how we spend those 24hrs determines what kind of life we live. I'm trying to live mine with lots of smiles, love and peace. If things don't work you have to change to make them work. This is where you will find success in every aspect of your life. The end results is to enjoy all your moments!

Hope to be back here real soon to share more..... Lets see if my plan works :)

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. Well I do miss you but I'm sure you will find a way to make that tight schedule work for you. Just check in every once and a while.

  2. I've been missing you and hoping all was okay with you. Thanks for the update. You are a very busy mom and you have your priorities in the right order.