Jan 7, 2011

What I've been sewing - New baby on the way

My niece is having a baby girl. Raylee is due to arrive on the 24. She is naming her baby after her mom and dad. Dad's middle name is Ray and Moms is Lee. How cute is that?

In November I started sewing baby clothes. I made 8 outfits, blanket, a sling and something to carry the baby home in.

I used a lot of scrap fabric only 2 patterns that I kind of altered a little. I started with the little dresses in brown and pink and the cupcake and candy. Then used the same fabric to make a little jumper. Being a mom I added a lot of snaps in the inseam when they wanted me to make a seam for easy diaper changes. Yes, it took me forever to sew those dang snaps in everything!


 I made this pattern myself using another pattern to get the size right for a little baby. I know how to patternmake but I don't do it that often because It's all been done before. I use other patterns to change things up. I made these little outfits reversible add snaps to the shoulders.

 After I made these outfits I got a request to make a colts outfit to bring the baby home in. I bought a t-shirt but couldn't find one for a newborn so I did a center back seam. I did the same with the pants. Bought a pair and took them in at the side seams. I ordered the fabric from NFL.com and added it to the bottom of the shirt and pants. And since it's going to be freezing when she brings the baby home I made a little thing to bring the baby home in and used the extra Colts fabric to line it.

I've already posted this on the blog. I made a sling for her to carry the baby. Yeah, the peace signs are upside down! Even when you've been sewing forever you make mistakes. It was a late night when I made this so I wasn't using my brain too much and just wanted to get it done.

 The last thing I made her was a blanket. She's been showing what she's been doing to the baby's room on facebook. I knew she was using pink and brown to decorate. But, yeah.. I don't like making quilts. I'm like to sew garments and you can tell. This didn't come out that great but she liked it anyway.
It was tons of fun to sew all of this for Casey and baby Raylee. I can't wait to see pictures with her wearing them.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. This baby girl is going to be the best dressed newborn, ever! Have you seen those strips of snaps that they sell? I'm not sure what their intended purpose is, but that's what I use on baby clothes for the inseam. It's lots easier than sewing each snap on individually. The strips come in black and white.

  2. I thought about waling across the street to JoAnn's but to buy the snaps on tape but I've had all these snaps sitting around for years (because when they say $.15 on them you know they're old!LOL) I figured I better use them up instead of spending more money. But yeah, was NOT fun hand sewing in all those little snaps! Give me the machine any day!

  3. oh yeah, I typed that real well. LOL you understand what I mean :)

  4. I thought you about to tell us you were expecting! You make adorable baby clothes.