Dec 12, 2010

I Love You More.....

The goodbyes were said for Elizabeth Edwards yesterday. Another soul full of love has left us. And as we look at how she lived her life she has much to teach us about love.

We all need to learn how precious life is and to fill it with as much love as possible before we must do what Elizabeth had to do, say goodbye to her children here to see her child on the other side.

Her daughter said yesterday the kids would always say to Elizabeth "I love you more!" Where Elizabeth would reply "No, I love you more!". The kids got to tell their mom yesterday they loved her more for the last time. I say this with my kids too. We argue back and forth who loves more but the bottom line is we are so filled with love for one another.

Elizabeth showed us how to live life with love a grace. We all have bad things that happen to us and it's our choice how we handle them. If we are going to embrace the bad things with love and grace or have it destroy our love. She filled herself with so much love she was able to make it through the bad things people did to her. We are all only responsible for ourselves. So fill yourself with grace and love and learn to love those who do bad things to you because in the end....

We should all Leave full of love.
"I've loved you in the best ways I've known how, All I ever really needed was you, your love, your presence, to make my life complete."  - Elizabeth writing a letter to her children.

RIP ELIZABETH!!! We see you shinning from here!!!

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  1. So very sad!
    Hope you are having a great Christmas season!