Dec 27, 2010

14hrs of Sewing Class Special $135

Have you had the desire to learn the art of sewing? Is it your New Years Resolution to learn to sew? Now's the time to sign up for lessons!

Learn how to use your sewing machine or one of mine, Learn how to cut your project of choice and learn to sew your projects and sewing techniques during 10 hours of sewing class (Package Deal). ALL FOR ONLY $135.00!!  It's a great deal! 14hrs of class for less then $10 an hour.

Make your own schedule to fit your busy schedule.

Give yourself the gift of sewing for the new year. Sign up to the Package Deal TODAY!
This offer will end on December 31, 2010 at midnight so HURRY.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Dec 26, 2010

The Best Gift Ever! The end of Christmas 2010

Have you missed me? I sure have missed posting on here. I have so many good ideas for post but found myself with no time the past few weeks to post anything. So stay tuned this week for my sewing, students sewing and some really good news from one of my students! But first I want to give you this.

I don't know why we do this to ourselves but things have to be a certain way during the holidays. All the gift giving homemade and bought, the food, the decorating, the running around while doing all the other things that already have your plate overflowing. The past week I was a crazy person trying to make everything just so for my kids. I am so happy it's over! There are so many high expectations with many disappointments. The older the kids get the more money their presents which means there's only a couple of presents under the tree. And the more they want the store bought presents and not the hand made ones. I don't know why we teach our kids that this is the way it "has" to be during Christmas.

Last night, I sat and thought about how I spent my day with my family. I thought about my students because so many of them are important to me I care about them very much. And I thought about the people who've opened my door lately and their stories...... so many different stories. Many a year of fighting to stay alive. We're all so different as humans, our walk through life. So many wants and needs. There's one thing we all have the same though, Love. The desire to give and receive Love. It's our souls desire. It's what we've all been blessed with. The most precious gift you can give someone is love. The best gift you can give yourself is Love. Love for everything that fills your life.

But there's a better gift than love. Your gift is... you're alive! Life isn't easy sometimes. The hardest things in life to do are the most rewarding.... but... YOUR ALIVE, your heart is beating and you're breathing the air. The most precious gift ever is your life! Fill it with love, smiles and laughter as much as you can. Give yourself the best gift ever because it's something that no one can give to you but yourself. It's your choice to love yourself enough to give you what you desire the most... it's your path to walk... walk it with a heart filled with love....

And in the end, we all must do the same things. But while we're here it's your choice to rejoice in this precious gift called LIFE! I hope you open your gift and handle it with care because it's so delicate! Carry around peace inside yourself and others will see. Fill your heart with love for yourself and others.. pass on what is inside you and know... LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT!

 Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Dec 12, 2010

I Love You More.....

The goodbyes were said for Elizabeth Edwards yesterday. Another soul full of love has left us. And as we look at how she lived her life she has much to teach us about love.

We all need to learn how precious life is and to fill it with as much love as possible before we must do what Elizabeth had to do, say goodbye to her children here to see her child on the other side.

Her daughter said yesterday the kids would always say to Elizabeth "I love you more!" Where Elizabeth would reply "No, I love you more!". The kids got to tell their mom yesterday they loved her more for the last time. I say this with my kids too. We argue back and forth who loves more but the bottom line is we are so filled with love for one another.

Elizabeth showed us how to live life with love a grace. We all have bad things that happen to us and it's our choice how we handle them. If we are going to embrace the bad things with love and grace or have it destroy our love. She filled herself with so much love she was able to make it through the bad things people did to her. We are all only responsible for ourselves. So fill yourself with grace and love and learn to love those who do bad things to you because in the end....

We should all Leave full of love.
"I've loved you in the best ways I've known how, All I ever really needed was you, your love, your presence, to make my life complete."  - Elizabeth writing a letter to her children.

RIP ELIZABETH!!! We see you shinning from here!!!

Dec 6, 2010

Holiday Gift SEWING Class - Sunglass Holder, Makeup Bag - TOMORROW!!!

Do you want make a very easy holiday gift?

Everyone uses SUNGLASSES! And if you don't wear makeup this little bag can be used for anything from carrying around your cell phone charger or anything small you don't want to go missing.

3 SEATS AVAILABLE  $25   6:30-8:30pm ENROLL ONLINE. If you've already paid for sewing hours you can use two of them on this class.

All you need is 1/2 yard of any fabric (1/4 of two different fabrics if you want your liner to be different color) (lightweight cotton works best) 1/4 yard of lightweight quilters batting and a 7" zipper.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Dec 5, 2010

Week in Review - Slowing Down in December

With Thanksgiving last weekend and December starting with the shopping season in full swing the classes were slow last week. Several reserved seats to classes but had to call and cancel either because of sickness (so many people are sick!) or because they just didn't have enough time to do all the things they needed to do to fit sewing into their schedule. Yes, life does have a way of getting in the way of letting us do the things we desire most.

 A couple student pictures from the week. 
The camera didn't make it out except for a couple of times during the week.

And a couple pictures of my sewing projects. I've been sewing things for my niece who is carrying around Raylee. Raylee will be arriving in January. I've had so much fun making a baby line of clothing for her and a few other things. After making a few baby clothes I was asked to make a Colts outfit to bring the baby home in. And since it's going to be cold when Ralylee get's here she needed something to keep her warm.
I have one more thing to make.. a blanket. Then I can mail it all off to Casey.

 Yes, we all make mistakes. It was a late night of sewing and I didn't realize it until I took this picture but the peace signs are upside down. Boohoo. I'm so leaving it like that and the liner (pic above) can be the outside.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy