Oct 3, 2010

Week in Review - Always need more Sewing Hours

For me, There's not enough time in the day to fill sewing hours. I never get tired of doing it and always wishing I had more time when I am sewing never wanting it to end. I love love love being in the girl cave and not happy when I have to leave but know what's waiting for me at home (fighting children LOL) waiting to share what they are with me.

7 people attended the Machine Class
5 students attended the cutting class
22 students came to sewing class making mostly clothing for themselves or someone they know.

Last week was the first week of the "more sewing hours" at the studio. Monday was a full night - almost. A few people had to cancel which is always ok with me. I know life gets in the way and takes us away from things we really want to do. Sofia and Shari both brought their own sewing machines to learn on. I like when my students own machines and want to learn to use them. I know they will be sewing at home and this is my goal, to have my students sewing comfortable at home making all kinds of beautiful things to brighten theirs and others lives.

Leslie got a private lesson on Tuesday since she was the only one who came to class. She made another top that she made the last time to learn the process a little better. She almost finished it and if she didn't have to use bias to finish the arms and neckline she would have had it done at the end of her class.

Boys in the girl cave. Well, not really a boy. He's a little older than that. I love Davids approach to sewing. He really thinks about the process before he makes any decisions. I have a feeling he's like this in all the things he does in life. He has many jobs and wants to learn the art of sewing for one of his business. In this economy there's many out there with several ways to make an income. Anything to make a buck to survive in society.. Anyway, David made a scrub top for his first project. It's not for him because it's pink :) he made it for a friend. I gotta tell you. He did a beautiful job. I mean check out those pockets, all straight! And the stitching at the v neck to hold down the facing.. just amazing for the first time behind the machine.

I haven't seen Jessica in forever so it was good to see her again. She works at the hospital and needs hats/caps to wear. She got a pattern online which was really hard to follow along. You know how sometimes the instructions leave a lot of the steps out? Well this one had way too much information to decipher through. I talked her into dumping the instructions and constructing it ourselves depending on her desire look. Yes, we made it work!

So many people came to class this week, Christina and her BabyLock TRYING to finish a project thats been hanging around a long time. Rachael trying to finish her brown vest. We are so close to being finished! Friends Katharina and Luzia sewing dresses together, Mom and daughter team Sonia and Megan making a skirt this week, Berthea sewing a beautiful button down blouse learning how to install a collar, and Melissa almost finishing her dress only having to put the skirt to the bodice and hep the bottom. 

Many more students attending class this week and I want to thank all of you for giving yourself the time to learn the art of sewing. It has brought me so much joy in life. And just like life sewing isn't always perfect as Debbie found out this week and only stayed a few minutes because she realized she made a mistake cutting out her fabric. There was a lot of mistakes this week in the studio. I need to sage the place to make for some better sewing mojo in the room. There were some seams that Rosa did 3 times and still having problems. As long as you stick with it, maybe put it aside for a while then come back to it.. things will flow beautifully again!

And me, I made BABY CLOTHES. I so hope my niece is reading this because I am sewing her baby girl in the belly some clothes. I'm making dresses and jumpers using the same pattern with different fabric. I have like 10 already cut out just waiting for me to sew. I can make them in like an hour, just need to find the time before she has little Raylee. It is so much fun fun fun to sew baby clothes! Too bad they don't stay this little forever.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. I'm glad you are having success with your students. Of course, mistakes happen, but that is a great learning experience, as well. The baby outfit is adorable. You have a lucky niece!!!!