Oct 31, 2010

Week in Review 10/31/10 - Ending October with Smiles

Wow, I have to say we had a lot of fun in October at the studio. The last week flew by with new and old students enjoying the process of their sewing adventures. And tonight we get to dress up and go trick or treating. I have to say I'm surprised each year. I always think I will get a lot of people making Halloween costumes but I only get a couple of students wanting to sew for the holiday. 

After tonight comes crunch time with Thanksgiving on its way and then Christmas/New Years. This year I'm going to do something a little different in a few sewing classes. I have some great gift ideas that can be made in a couple of hours. I'm going to be picking a few sewing classes and switching to gift sewing classes. Say tuned for the ideas and dates!

Now, Last week:
6 people attended the machine class. (and I have to tell you 4 ppl paid for the class and didn't show up- if this is you call me to reschedule. I'm surprised all the time how many pay for class and don't attend or call)
5 students came to cutting class with 3 ppl canceling to another date at the last minute
25 students attended sewing class with 6 ppl canceling or not showing up. (we all must be busy this time of year)

Friends Kathy and Luiza have been coming to class every Saturday for the past few weeks. Kathy has been coming to class for a while now on and off. I think these friends had a lot of fun together making these cute little dresses. They are both asymmetrical which you really cant see because their beautiful hair is hanging in the way. Kathy is wearing the green dress. It was from a Burda magazine pattern (which I so don't like tracing out burda patterns - it took us a whole class just to do that) And there was a mistake made with her dress. One side got with the wrong side and not right side so one side of the dress has the right side of the fabric and one has the wrong side of the fabric.  Yes there mistakes in cutting that you can't recover from.  This was Luiza's first sewing project. She used really hard fabric to work with but she used a lot of pins to hold the jersey fabric together. I can see both of them wearing these dresses together a lot! Good job girls. I can't wait to see you in class again and until then keep sewing at home. It's the only way you get better is to practice. 

Kristen is well on her way to a fashion career. She wants to go to school for design. So many students want to attend design school I think its wonderful and a great goal many of them can achieve if they just keep putting their ideas on paper and making them come to life. This is 4th sewing project. She's cutting out her next pattern, a handbag. I'll see you Tuesday night Kristen to start sewing your bag!

Lina attend the same class with Kristen but I don't have a picture of her little dress she's making. She's almost done so we'll have pictures next week. 

Elaina has been in a couple of times this week. She's been coming to class on and off for over a year now. She found this cute little skirt pattern online she wanted help with. She had everything cut but needed help with a few steps. I'll pictures for you the next time she comes in. 

I haven't seen Denise since the summer. She makes beautiful bows and likes to do a little sewing on the side. She had one of her friends buy a pattern and fabric. McCalls 5678. She made view B. A baby sling. Its funny how you can tell personality by the fabric people choose. As she made this she was thinking to herself how she would use different fabric. It's all personal preference. 

Ok, how sweet is this smile! Karen started the machine and cutting class with a couple of friends but can't find the time to hook up with them to attend the sewing class. She's come in a couple of times to make to some PJ's. Butterick 5434 View A and C (pants). She's finished the facing and installed her sleeves and side seams. There's not much to do to finish this then she can get started on her pants.

 I just love when Christina comes to class. She knows how to make sewing fun and brings many smiles to people around her. She's been trying to get her daughter to sew with her for a long time. She came to class with mom last week and decided sewing was fun. So they hit the fabric store, bought some fabric which they had tons of fun doing and came to class together on Saturday. She's making a blanket for her first project. She will be back for a machine and cutting class with Christina attending too because she's never taken those classes. (and really there isn't much I teach Christina she knows so much about sewing already!)

David attended Friday's class to make more scrubs. He made one for a Halloween prop he's using as decorations. I didn't take a picture but he said he would get me one. He really wasn't happy with the pattern style he was using. He had another scrub shirt he wanted to make so I showed him how he can make a pattern out of it. 

 Mercy is sitting behind Christina. Check out her smile! She's caught the sewing bug! She's sewing a lot on her own and is making some beautiful things all on her own. She is almost done making a little red jacket. She needed help with the front and back facing and buttonholes. We had trouble doing the buttonholes on her machine. It's a very good machine, electronic Kenmore. This machine usually makes very pretty button holes but at the point where we wanted to start the hole the fabric was getting caught in the machine and because the fabric is linen she didn't want to pull the one buttonhole that got messed up out. She has a couple things to do like finish the hem and sew the buttons.

I love love love the way Anna sews! She really takes her time and thinks about the process that shes doing. She sews in the moment and takes all that sewing has to teach her. She sews things beautifully! I can't find any flaws in her sewing. She came to class this week with a dress she made at home. She wanted to know how to do a blindhem and decided she would hand sew the hem. Yeah, sometimes its hard to get some machines to make a blind hem. But once you set it up right and you hold the fabric right you can do a pretty stitch.. but it takes time to learn and do. She started her next project, a skirt. She's working on the pleats in this picture. She is so precise on getting everything perfect while taking her time! I wanna sew like Anna LOL!

And me, I'm still working on the baby clothes collection for my niece. The only thing I have left to do is sew on all the snaps. I didn't have much time this week to do my own sewing and found myself making a stitch here and there in between students. I have to have these done the next couple of days because next weekend is her baby shower. She lives out of state so I have to mail them off.

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Make many smiles for yourself! I have no idea what were doing yet. I'm kind of done making plans for my kids on events like this. They can decide for themselves what they want to do. She has a costume already. He doesn't so if he wants to go out we're going to have to be creative and come up with something around the house.. just like the good old days when I was a kid. My parents never got me costumes. We always had to come up with something we had around the house. He say's he doesn't want to go trick or treating but I'm sure as soon as the day moves on he will want to go.

I have room in most classes next week. The only class that is full so far is Saturday 3-5pm.


Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. Your students really do look happy and proud of themselves, as they should be. I hope they understand how lucky they are to have your business close by to learn this valuable skill.