Oct 25, 2010

Week in Review 10/24/10 - Before A New Week Begins!

I better post a week in review for last week before a new week begins in a few hours at the studio. I'm late posting because I attended my 30th High School Reunion. I had TONS of fun seeing all the people I attend so many years of school together. Many smiling faces were had at the HardRock  A fun place to visit if you're ever in SoFlo.

Many smiles were had last week at the sewing studio! I was able to make a few things with the machine too.

7 people attended the machine class to learn how to use the sewing machine.
No one attended the cutting class since they both were canceled this week
32 people attended sewing class making kids clothing, skirts, dresses, blouse, appliance cover, jump suite, Halloween costume, and Pj's. Yes, we make a lot of clothing in class!

The first student I would like to tell you about is Jackie. Check this out, She has a school called Learn 2 Ride where they teach people how to ride motorcycles. She came to class this week to sew the dress she cut out for her daughter (Simplicity It's So Easy 2432). She finished it in 4 hours. THEN, I get the best email from her:

Having had no experience with so much as a needle and thread I attended the machine and cutting classes last week, and today my first sewing class. Let me describe what I have been feeling for the past 8 hours since I left Learn 2 Sew this afternoon. There was disbelief that I actually MADE a dress for my toddler.  Followed by a sense of accomplishment as I had my daughter try it on. And when she modeled it for daddy, there was an overwhelming sense of pride blended with self-confidence. Soon after, a sky high level of excitement had me dreaming up my next project, and when I came across a pattern which appeared to be a lot more difficult I found myself feeling empowered knowing I have you to guide me through whatever it is I want to sew. That inevitably sprouted to gratitude and a sincere appreciation for YOU.   Thank you so much!  I am now anxious and can't wait to come back :-)  

This is my reward in teaching. To plant the sewing seed in someone so that they can find as much pleasure as it's brought to me in my life.. PRICELESS!!!! She's attending class tomorrow.

And then there's Mercy who is totally getting sewing too! She finished her blouse with some hand sewing to do around the bodice liner and hem the bottom with a hand sewing needle to give it that clean look. She started on her next project in class. I'm sure she will have many enjoyable hours of sewing in her future cause she has also caught the sewing bug.

I had many more people attend sewing class last week. I wish I had more time to share more about their project and find the PICTURES I TOOK OF THEM! but.. Many smiles were had with lots of sewing knowledge being absorbed.

I got to sew a few things too. I'm making baby clothes for my niece who's having a baby girl in January. I've basically used all scrap fabric. Baby clothes are SEW MUCH FUN TO MAKE!!! Fast and easy. I made the ones on the bottom reversible Casey, if you read this let me know because this totally blows the surprise!!! LOL. I'm going to be mailing all these outfits up to you soon. I have one more to make and a couple more pictures to take of the ones already finished.

See you in class!!!!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. What cute baby clothes!!!! Your students are doing great!

  2. I love the outfits you made for your niece. Did you use a pattern, and if so, could you share the name?

  3. I did use a pattern for the little dress but added a liner to make it reversible. It was Simplicity 2900 View B. I used Simplicity 4243 view D and extended the legs to make pants. And then used 4243 View E to make the dress and View A to make the jumper and added the caller to it to girl it up a bit. I also didn't add any elastic to the sleeves.

    I like changing things up all the time. I never do like the pattern says to do (unless I'm teaching my students)