Oct 17, 2010

Week in Review 10/17/10 - Trash to Treasure

Fun fun fun at the studio this week!! Some really cute and creative things were made. And yes, I took pictures!!

First let me say I'm sorry there was no week in review last week. I just didn't have it in my to write one and the day was consumed at the car lots looking for a new car. I've decided I'm going to walk a little while longer. Buying a car is crazy and I'm just not ready to deal with it yet (or spend the kind of money they're asking)

With more sewing hours added to the schedule there have been more students attending because we now have a few days of 4 hour classes. Two hours pass quickly, 4 hours you can learn that much more.

6 people attended the machine class (Monday's machine class was canceled)
7 people attended the cutting classes
21 people came to sewing class only filling a couple of classes. I usually have seats available to the sewing classes.

Some of my students I'm in awe of their creativity. Randy is one of them. She surprises me all the time with her ideas. She started working on this skirt for a while having a vision and working through her idea. I thought she was crazy when I saw her pull out and old skirt and some boxer shorts underwear and a button down shirt. She started cutting, pinning and sewing. She likes using everything to recycle. I didn't help her too much on this project.... walking past looking at what she was doing giving her I guess looked like a crazy look because she would smile and say "I'm ok". 

Randy has been attending sewing class for a few years now and I love love love the things she does. Never in a thousand years would I think to do the things she does. I know when Randy walks through the door to the studio we're going to have a fun class! And the stories she can tell about her family are so funny. We all were complaining about having these little worms in our homes and she said that was nothing, try having snakes! The funniest story!!!

Another great thing about Randy is she has her own business helping people get organized running her own business called Go Clean Your Room

Nancy finished her t-shirt dress she started in her last class (McCalls 6161). A very easy dress that can be made in an hour or two. She didn't struggle with this project like she did with her last dress. This fabric was much easier to work with. It looks a little baggy on her but when she got home she put some heals on with a belt which gave it a much better look. She sent me and email to say she liked it much better after she did that. She wasn't too happy with it the first time she put it on which was this picture. This all goes back to my last "make it work" post about how we all don't like very thing about what we make.

There are some people that just have sewing inside them and understand the process from the get go. Lourdes is one of those who just understand the concept of putting the fabric together. She's only has taken a couple of of classes. She started this dress in class. I told her what to do with the neckline and she came back with it all finished. Not only did she finish it but she had to adjust the fitting by taking inches off all the seams to make it fit. I am so very proud of her. She cut out her next project working with very difficult fabric. I went through the steps of construction. We'll see when she comes to class on Wednesday how much she got done. I bet she finished a few things. She's caught the sewing bug! :)

Debbie likes to take the 4hr classes on Saturday. She started this shirt at home cutting it out. Sewing part of it last week and almost finishing it this week. She didn't want to have her picture taken with it but I gotcha in the background Debbie LOL!! She was standing at the cutting table cutting out her next top. She had questions on how to do it so she waited to cut it with me in class. I have it in my to save as much fabric as I can so I was able to lay it out for her saving her about a yard of fabric from the way the instructions asked her to cut the fabric.

Saturday was Mercy's first sewing class. She is working on a cute little dress. Instead of the spaghetti straps the pattern called for she decided to use some really cute lace. She finished her bodice and skirt, attached the both and just has a few things to do to have a completed project. She will be back next Saturday so we'll have pictures then.

And then there is James. Hey James, thanks for telling me to take pictures because I would have totally forgotten if it wasn't for you!!!    James is a great kid! I so enjoy having him in class. He is so talented and has a great future in the fashion business. He came to class this week to work on his Halloween costume. He has the best idea for a costume...Lady Gaga!! He's going to a party and is going to make several different costumes, throughout the night he's going to change costumes. How epic is that!!! 
And yeah, he didn't want his picture taken either but I got him in the background too LOL Gotcha!!!

And I got a great pic of him and Berthea. Berthea is another one I'm so very proud of with her sewing adventure. She is making some really beautiful things all on her own. She comes to class working all on her own only asking a couple of questions on things she's not sure of. There isn't much I teach Berthea!

And me, I got more baby clothes cut out and a couple of them made for my niece who is having a baby girl in January. It is so sweet and special to make baby clothes!!!

I have seats available to all classes next week except for Saturday sewing classes which are already full. I'm not doing a Saturday morning cutting class because I'm attending my 30 year high school reunion on Friday night. I plan on parting with all the people from the days of my youth. Many who still live here in SoFlo which makes me wonder how we drifted apart.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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