Oct 14, 2010

Make it Work Part 7 - Imperfections

If you're looking for perfection in everything you do you will be disappointed in life. Nothing is perfect. And sometimes you're the only one who can see your imperfections. Sometimes you can't see them until they are pointed out to you.

Manytimes your sewing imperfections only you can see. So don't stress them. I believe you can always find something wrong that you could do better, make better. Always something you don't like about your sewing project. I notice the imperfections of my sewing projects but when I show them to others all they see is the full picture of the project and not the "I don't like the way that came out" that I see. I don't think I've every made anything that I thought it came out 100% perfect. There is always something I think could look better, could come out better in the end.

I'm here to make a confession on my imperfection in running my business. I HATE MY PHONE!!

Yes, that's right. The one thing that I need the most to run my business I just hate! It always rings when I'm in the restroom, toothbrush in my mouth, driving my car, cooking or eating, teaching a class, doing homework with my kids and yes many times when I'm sleeping. Rarely does it ring when I have time to talk on it.

I'm tired of the phone controlling my so I've kind of stopped jumping when It rings. I know I could get more students in the class if I would jump when it rang. I just don't like having a device controlling me and my actions.

Remember when we only had land lines (ok, I'm old LOL) people would leave a message on your machine. When you got home you would return their call when you had time. It was all ok. It might have taken some time but the connection was made and the business was done and people were all ok waiting for you to call them back. They weren't waiting for you to call them within an hours time. I also remember just having a beeper and people would still wait for you to get to a phone to call them back.

Now we have cell phones that people expect you to answer all the time. And if you don't call them back in a couple of hours the feel like you didn't get the message and are calling you again or texting you on your phone. And whats up with people calling right back when you don't answer. Not once, twice but three and sometimes 4 times waiting for you to pick up the phone. If I didn't answer it the first time I'm not going to answer the second, or fourth. Leave me a message - I'll get back with you - sooner or later!

So, yes... I know I could make a lot more money if I jumped every time the phone rang. I could talk to people while I'm driving, while I'm on the potty, while I'm eating but really... I'm not going to do it. I refuse! I know I've missed a lot of calls because of this. I now have on my voice message to call me back in 24 hours if you don't hear from me. And believe me I'm so busy all the time sometime it could be 24 hours before I find some free time to make the calls.

Yes, there's imperfections all around us in what we do, how we act, what we sew. The thing is to work with in your limits. For me my life is meant to be enjoyed with many smiles. And If I'm in the moment of hugging my babies, giving them kisses telling them how much I love them I'm sure not going to stop doing that if my phone rings no matter how much money is on the other end of the phone.

There... I said it!!! I'm not perfect and no one is. Things I sew aren't perfect. But when you look at me or the things I sew you can't see my imperfections but I sure do!

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Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. When I go to meetings at work, I leave my cell phone and purse in my desk. When I go to the doctor, I turn off my cell. I turned off my cell back when I had interviews, too.

    Back when I was teaching, I had my cell phone with me for emergencies, but I don't remember getting any calls during those times. I will be teaching again, and my cell phone will be off during lessons. When I'm busy, "they" can wait!