Oct 31, 2010

Week in Review 10/31/10 - Ending October with Smiles

Wow, I have to say we had a lot of fun in October at the studio. The last week flew by with new and old students enjoying the process of their sewing adventures. And tonight we get to dress up and go trick or treating. I have to say I'm surprised each year. I always think I will get a lot of people making Halloween costumes but I only get a couple of students wanting to sew for the holiday. 

After tonight comes crunch time with Thanksgiving on its way and then Christmas/New Years. This year I'm going to do something a little different in a few sewing classes. I have some great gift ideas that can be made in a couple of hours. I'm going to be picking a few sewing classes and switching to gift sewing classes. Say tuned for the ideas and dates!

Now, Last week:
6 people attended the machine class. (and I have to tell you 4 ppl paid for the class and didn't show up- if this is you call me to reschedule. I'm surprised all the time how many pay for class and don't attend or call)
5 students came to cutting class with 3 ppl canceling to another date at the last minute
25 students attended sewing class with 6 ppl canceling or not showing up. (we all must be busy this time of year)

Friends Kathy and Luiza have been coming to class every Saturday for the past few weeks. Kathy has been coming to class for a while now on and off. I think these friends had a lot of fun together making these cute little dresses. They are both asymmetrical which you really cant see because their beautiful hair is hanging in the way. Kathy is wearing the green dress. It was from a Burda magazine pattern (which I so don't like tracing out burda patterns - it took us a whole class just to do that) And there was a mistake made with her dress. One side got with the wrong side and not right side so one side of the dress has the right side of the fabric and one has the wrong side of the fabric.  Yes there mistakes in cutting that you can't recover from.  This was Luiza's first sewing project. She used really hard fabric to work with but she used a lot of pins to hold the jersey fabric together. I can see both of them wearing these dresses together a lot! Good job girls. I can't wait to see you in class again and until then keep sewing at home. It's the only way you get better is to practice. 

Kristen is well on her way to a fashion career. She wants to go to school for design. So many students want to attend design school I think its wonderful and a great goal many of them can achieve if they just keep putting their ideas on paper and making them come to life. This is 4th sewing project. She's cutting out her next pattern, a handbag. I'll see you Tuesday night Kristen to start sewing your bag!

Lina attend the same class with Kristen but I don't have a picture of her little dress she's making. She's almost done so we'll have pictures next week. 

Elaina has been in a couple of times this week. She's been coming to class on and off for over a year now. She found this cute little skirt pattern online she wanted help with. She had everything cut but needed help with a few steps. I'll pictures for you the next time she comes in. 

I haven't seen Denise since the summer. She makes beautiful bows and likes to do a little sewing on the side. She had one of her friends buy a pattern and fabric. McCalls 5678. She made view B. A baby sling. Its funny how you can tell personality by the fabric people choose. As she made this she was thinking to herself how she would use different fabric. It's all personal preference. 

Ok, how sweet is this smile! Karen started the machine and cutting class with a couple of friends but can't find the time to hook up with them to attend the sewing class. She's come in a couple of times to make to some PJ's. Butterick 5434 View A and C (pants). She's finished the facing and installed her sleeves and side seams. There's not much to do to finish this then she can get started on her pants.

 I just love when Christina comes to class. She knows how to make sewing fun and brings many smiles to people around her. She's been trying to get her daughter to sew with her for a long time. She came to class with mom last week and decided sewing was fun. So they hit the fabric store, bought some fabric which they had tons of fun doing and came to class together on Saturday. She's making a blanket for her first project. She will be back for a machine and cutting class with Christina attending too because she's never taken those classes. (and really there isn't much I teach Christina she knows so much about sewing already!)

David attended Friday's class to make more scrubs. He made one for a Halloween prop he's using as decorations. I didn't take a picture but he said he would get me one. He really wasn't happy with the pattern style he was using. He had another scrub shirt he wanted to make so I showed him how he can make a pattern out of it. 

 Mercy is sitting behind Christina. Check out her smile! She's caught the sewing bug! She's sewing a lot on her own and is making some beautiful things all on her own. She is almost done making a little red jacket. She needed help with the front and back facing and buttonholes. We had trouble doing the buttonholes on her machine. It's a very good machine, electronic Kenmore. This machine usually makes very pretty button holes but at the point where we wanted to start the hole the fabric was getting caught in the machine and because the fabric is linen she didn't want to pull the one buttonhole that got messed up out. She has a couple things to do like finish the hem and sew the buttons.

I love love love the way Anna sews! She really takes her time and thinks about the process that shes doing. She sews in the moment and takes all that sewing has to teach her. She sews things beautifully! I can't find any flaws in her sewing. She came to class this week with a dress she made at home. She wanted to know how to do a blindhem and decided she would hand sew the hem. Yeah, sometimes its hard to get some machines to make a blind hem. But once you set it up right and you hold the fabric right you can do a pretty stitch.. but it takes time to learn and do. She started her next project, a skirt. She's working on the pleats in this picture. She is so precise on getting everything perfect while taking her time! I wanna sew like Anna LOL!

And me, I'm still working on the baby clothes collection for my niece. The only thing I have left to do is sew on all the snaps. I didn't have much time this week to do my own sewing and found myself making a stitch here and there in between students. I have to have these done the next couple of days because next weekend is her baby shower. She lives out of state so I have to mail them off.

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Make many smiles for yourself! I have no idea what were doing yet. I'm kind of done making plans for my kids on events like this. They can decide for themselves what they want to do. She has a costume already. He doesn't so if he wants to go out we're going to have to be creative and come up with something around the house.. just like the good old days when I was a kid. My parents never got me costumes. We always had to come up with something we had around the house. He say's he doesn't want to go trick or treating but I'm sure as soon as the day moves on he will want to go.

I have room in most classes next week. The only class that is full so far is Saturday 3-5pm.


Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 28, 2010

Christopher (youngest fashoin designer) On TV AGAIN!!!

Ok so - Our little man Christopher made it on TV again.

Check out this great MSN video: Niño prodigio de 10 años

Check it out. I only speak English and can't understand what they are saying but.. There's a picture of Christopher and I at the old studio last year


Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 27, 2010

Fun Easy Sewing Project

I've been wanting to make some shirts to work in at the sewing studio. You know, sewing related.

Since I'm always looking at the way things are put together I came across this guy in line at the grocery store who had a really cut design of a sail boat on his t-shirt. So, I decided to do the same thing with a sewing machine.

This is a very easy project. First draw a picture on some paper and transfer it to some fabric using tracing paper and wheel.  I bought the shirt cause sometimes it just doesn't pay to sew. It was on the sale rack for $7. Since this was stretchy fabric I used the stretch stitch so they stitch line wouldn't break. Sewed down the lines I marked on the fabric. The fun part was cutting away the fabric after you sew it to the shirt only leaving the lines of the design. 

I have other shapes and colors I want to work with. How cool would a peace sign look? Maybe a little LOVE behind the PEACE. Sweet!!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 26, 2010

Sewing Over the Wire 10/26/10

This is a series where I share sewing news I receive with you.
Enjoy your reading.

Sewing craze takes to airwaves
Denver Post Sat, 23 Oct 2010
Sewing is not rocket science. 

Hobby survives on sew-cialization
Daily Sparks Tribune Tue, 19 Oct 2010
SPARKS  The buttons on a jacket or a shirt hold the garment together, but it is people who hold together the hobby of button collecting. âItâs hard to sustain a hobby alone, said Gil Biggie, founder of the Western Regional Button Association (WRBA). 

Aunt Norie's Sewing Room
The Tonganoxie Mirror Thu, 21 Oct 201
From a young mother: âI donât sew at all. I want the girls to learn to sew and theyâre anxious to learn. Iâm so proud of them I could bust â they are really trying,â adding âtheyâve begun with hand embroidery work, that embroidery thread is just impossible. 

On the whole, fabric art pieces sensational
The Daily Sentinel Sat, 23 Oct 2010
Patchwork be darned; these women decided to make fabric art pieces from whole cloth. No cutting into small pieces,  then sewing them together in the traditional methods of quilt making. These rotary cutting rebels, collectively known as the Art Quilt Association (AQuA), set a new standard for themselves with their latest exhibit, âSingular Sensations.

Quilters sewing up bags for Eagle Scout project
Colfax Record Thu, 21 Oct 201
Alta resident Caroline Gillies of Alta is spearheading a "Queens" project to help her grandson, Spencer Whisenand of Modesto, with his Eagle Scout project. Spencer, 13, has organized the 

Cute as a button
Technician Mon, 18 Oct 2010
How a common button can become your favorite accessory. I used to work in a costume shop at a local theater company and after several fights with sewing machines, the costume designer finally said, "you do buttons." 

âSew Many Kreationsâ merges business with a personal touch
Americus Times-Recorder Sat, 23 Oct 2010
Laurie Tylerâs âSew Many Kreationsâ is open for business in downtown Americus and is striving to meet local needs in furniture upholstery, sewing, monogramming and home decorating. 

Sewing for a cause: Girl makes dresses for Haiti
Lancaster Online Mon, 18 Oct 2010
A singer was performing an emotional song at this summer's Creation music festival, as equally emotional video images of Haiti's earthquake played on the big screen behind him. And somewhere out in the crowd was 10-year-old Alexys Palmer of East Lampeter Township. Thinking, "that just makes me so ... 

Sewing for service
Chipley Bugle Wed, 20 Oct 2010
Members of the newly formed Sew Crazy 4-H Club arenât just crazy about sewing for themselves; theyâre sewing with service learning in mind. Through participation in 4-H community service projects, youth are connected to their communities and learn to give back to others. 

Church group donates bookbags to help kids learn to read
The Wilmington Star-News Sun, 24 Oct 2010
Volunteers from Wilmington-area Baptist churches are sewing bookbags and stuffing them with childrenâs books to distribute to youngsters who need them. 

Sewing event to help young mothers - From the Poughkeepsie Journal
Poughkeepsie Journal Sun, 24 Oct 2010
Young mothers at the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie will be well supplied with bibs and blankets for their babies, thanks to a daylong event Saturday hosted by a sewing group at the Poughkeepsie Plaza Mall in the town. 

Project Linus event turns out 542 blankets for ill, traumatized children
Herald & Review Thu, 21 Oct 2010
DECATUR - Making blankets in a gymnasium jammed with people,tables, sewing machines and fabric is a fall tradition for most ofthe 152 people who participated Thursday in Make A Blanket Day forProject Linus at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints. 

Some Excellent Quilt Books for Gardeners
BellaOnline Sun, 24 Oct 2010
Among the more popular garden crafts are quilting and sewing. There are many quilt books that feature garden quilt projects. Here are some recommended quilt titles for gardeners.

PFAFF® Invites You to Sew Chic Techniques
Business Wire Mon, 25 Oct 2010
LAVERGNE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PFAFF®, the leading global brand of premier sewing and embroidery machines, invites you to Sew Chic Techniques, a hands-on class that will teach you how to achieve todayâs most sophisticated trends.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 25, 2010

Week in Review 10/24/10 - Before A New Week Begins!

I better post a week in review for last week before a new week begins in a few hours at the studio. I'm late posting because I attended my 30th High School Reunion. I had TONS of fun seeing all the people I attend so many years of school together. Many smiling faces were had at the HardRock  A fun place to visit if you're ever in SoFlo.

Many smiles were had last week at the sewing studio! I was able to make a few things with the machine too.

7 people attended the machine class to learn how to use the sewing machine.
No one attended the cutting class since they both were canceled this week
32 people attended sewing class making kids clothing, skirts, dresses, blouse, appliance cover, jump suite, Halloween costume, and Pj's. Yes, we make a lot of clothing in class!

The first student I would like to tell you about is Jackie. Check this out, She has a school called Learn 2 Ride where they teach people how to ride motorcycles. She came to class this week to sew the dress she cut out for her daughter (Simplicity It's So Easy 2432). She finished it in 4 hours. THEN, I get the best email from her:

Having had no experience with so much as a needle and thread I attended the machine and cutting classes last week, and today my first sewing class. Let me describe what I have been feeling for the past 8 hours since I left Learn 2 Sew this afternoon. There was disbelief that I actually MADE a dress for my toddler.  Followed by a sense of accomplishment as I had my daughter try it on. And when she modeled it for daddy, there was an overwhelming sense of pride blended with self-confidence. Soon after, a sky high level of excitement had me dreaming up my next project, and when I came across a pattern which appeared to be a lot more difficult I found myself feeling empowered knowing I have you to guide me through whatever it is I want to sew. That inevitably sprouted to gratitude and a sincere appreciation for YOU.   Thank you so much!  I am now anxious and can't wait to come back :-)  

This is my reward in teaching. To plant the sewing seed in someone so that they can find as much pleasure as it's brought to me in my life.. PRICELESS!!!! She's attending class tomorrow.

And then there's Mercy who is totally getting sewing too! She finished her blouse with some hand sewing to do around the bodice liner and hem the bottom with a hand sewing needle to give it that clean look. She started on her next project in class. I'm sure she will have many enjoyable hours of sewing in her future cause she has also caught the sewing bug.

I had many more people attend sewing class last week. I wish I had more time to share more about their project and find the PICTURES I TOOK OF THEM! but.. Many smiles were had with lots of sewing knowledge being absorbed.

I got to sew a few things too. I'm making baby clothes for my niece who's having a baby girl in January. I've basically used all scrap fabric. Baby clothes are SEW MUCH FUN TO MAKE!!! Fast and easy. I made the ones on the bottom reversible Casey, if you read this let me know because this totally blows the surprise!!! LOL. I'm going to be mailing all these outfits up to you soon. I have one more to make and a couple more pictures to take of the ones already finished.

See you in class!!!!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 21, 2010


An idea
fabric, pattern
thread, trim
buttons and zippers

Cut 1, cut 2
cut 1 on the fold
cut 2 on the fold
cut interfacing, liner

Mark fabric
darts, buttonholes
wrong sides of fabric
build habits
less thought process

2 right sides
5/8" straight seams
length and width
needle size
machine sewing sweet!

serging, finish seams
adding this and that
hand sewing to finish

Seeing the process
in the end
holding it up
stepping back, looking
i like this, don't like that.

Wearing yourself
seeing the looks
giving to others
knowing it was made

Always doing
always learning new
trying new
bringing many smiles all around

And then... there's more ... Fabric!!!
do it all over again and again and again....

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 20, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know you can make your own Body Double Dress Form?

I touch on this subject a little in the cutting class. But did you know you can make your own body's dress form? This means you can make everything to fit without trying things on your own body to get that fit you're looking for.

I've done this for students in class before. I charge $90 to do this. Basically you bag and tape yourself, cut it off your body and stuff it.

Threads has an article to show you how to do it. I've never done it with this kind of tape before.

And there's many places to find it online how to do it yourself.

Me, I don't want to see this body shape :) I think I'll pass LOL.

See you in class!!!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 18, 2010

Sewing Over the Wire - 10/18/10

This is a series where I share sewing news I receive with you. 
Enjoy your reading.


My Kids Lids provide warmth and cuteness
OnMilwaukee.com Mon, 18 Oct 2010
After receiving a sewing machine from her aunt in 2003, Milwaukee-based artist Katie Segel Liban founded a children's hat business the following year called My Kids Lids.

Hobby survives on sew-cialization
Daily Sparks Tribune Sat, 16 Oct 2010
SPARKS â The buttons on a jacket or a shirt hold the garment together, but it is people who hold together the hobby of button collecting. âItâs hard to sustain a hobby alone,â said Gil Biggie, founder of the Western Regional Button Association (WRBA).

Velma Quilters going strong for 20 years
The Duncan Banner Mon, 18 Oct 2010
Quilting, according to the members of the Velma Quilters, has become somewhat of a lost art. Sewing machines and pre-stitched fabric make the job easier, but for these women, itâs about the time invested in creating their functional pieces of art. âEverything we do is hand stitched,â member Laverne Ray said. âWe might use machine stitching some for the fabric part, but the quilting is all done ...

Teen draws inspiration from sewing, love of pets
Daily Local News Mon, 18 Oct 2010
UNIONVILLE â When 13-year-old Sara Jane Hunt is having a rough day in school, she likes to run home and hide downstairs. 

Seamless transition for Oswego businesswoman
The Beacon News Thu, 14 Oct 2010
Dena Stratikis is in stitch heaven after opening up her own sewing shop on Auroraâs West Side. Itâs something that sheâs wanted to do for a long time. Stratikis, 56, has been sewing since she was 12 years old. Her sister taught her to sew, and she is eternally grateful.

She blends sewing, art in 'soft sculpture'
Lancaster Online Sun, 17 Oct 2010
Swans, zebras and a butterfly grace the walls of Gayle Gratz's Manheim Township home. But they are not photographs or paintings as one might suspect. Instead, they are an art form popularized in the 1960s called soft sculpture. Soft sculpture is a type of sculpture made using cloth, foam rubber, p... 

  Haitiâs garment industry hanging by a thread
Toronto Star Sat, 16 Oct 2010
Plan to expand industry hampered by poverty-level wages and a suspect business model. Is âcut-and-sewâ an economic salvation or worker hell?

Sewing lounge finds a following in Vancouver
Canada.com Sun, 17 Oct 2010
Once upon a time, DIY was an acronym for cheap, knitting was an activity for grandmothers, and sewing was the domain of ambitious homemakers. In recent years, the tide has turned. 

Research and Markets: Updated Report: Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors Industry in the US and Its ...
Business Wire Fri, 15 Oct 2010
DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/a4720d/mens_and_boys_cu) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US's new report "Men's and Boys' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors Industry in the US and its International Trade [Q3 2010 Edition]" to their offering. This September publication of the "Men's and Boys' Cut ... 

Evening Times
EveningTimes Online Wed, 13 Oct 2010
Customer Jon Ducarr sews a waistcoat. Pictures: Jamie Simpson A âsewing cafeâ in Paris has become a hip place to hang out and now Glasgow has its own. 

The British Invade America Again (This Time, Through Fashion)
Fast Company Magazine Thu, 14 Oct 2010
Dark and Stormy: AllSaints imports its vintage aesthetic from Britain, deploying roughed-up wood and antiques in Boston, above, and an army of old sewing machines in L.A., below. | Photograph by Eric Levin/E.Levin Studios Courtesy of AllSaints Spitalfields The fashions at British clothier AllSaints may be distressed, but its aggressive U.S. expansion suggests plenty of optimism. To many foreign ... 

: Use printed oil cloths to create fun totes
Detroit News Thu, 14 Oct 2010 22:47 PM PDT
The process of sewing is only half the fun for Connie Henslee of East Lansing. The other is shopping for fabric, especially the brightly colored, oil cloth prints she finds at specialty shops around town. 

Sewing with Felt is Fun and Easy!
BellaOnline Thu, 14 Oct 2010
Felt is considered to be one of the oldest textiles known to man. Felt has changed a great deal over the last 10,000 years is currently a very popular medium with crafters today. Learn more about felt and try one of the free projects!

Sewers help with breast cancer
Northern Star Mon, 18 Oct 2010
âWE ALL know someone affected by breast cancer,â Casino woman Annette Mira-Bateman says. And that is the reason Mrs Mira-Bateman is calling on people who can sew to help her make special post-operative drainage bags during Breast Cancer Awareness Month , which is this month. 

Pillowcase dresses
Bossier Press-Tribune Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:21 PM PDT
Simple sewing classes were taught in the months of August and September at the Martin Luther King Center in Bossier Parish.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 17, 2010

Week in Review 10/17/10 - Trash to Treasure

Fun fun fun at the studio this week!! Some really cute and creative things were made. And yes, I took pictures!!

First let me say I'm sorry there was no week in review last week. I just didn't have it in my to write one and the day was consumed at the car lots looking for a new car. I've decided I'm going to walk a little while longer. Buying a car is crazy and I'm just not ready to deal with it yet (or spend the kind of money they're asking)

With more sewing hours added to the schedule there have been more students attending because we now have a few days of 4 hour classes. Two hours pass quickly, 4 hours you can learn that much more.

6 people attended the machine class (Monday's machine class was canceled)
7 people attended the cutting classes
21 people came to sewing class only filling a couple of classes. I usually have seats available to the sewing classes.

Some of my students I'm in awe of their creativity. Randy is one of them. She surprises me all the time with her ideas. She started working on this skirt for a while having a vision and working through her idea. I thought she was crazy when I saw her pull out and old skirt and some boxer shorts underwear and a button down shirt. She started cutting, pinning and sewing. She likes using everything to recycle. I didn't help her too much on this project.... walking past looking at what she was doing giving her I guess looked like a crazy look because she would smile and say "I'm ok". 

Randy has been attending sewing class for a few years now and I love love love the things she does. Never in a thousand years would I think to do the things she does. I know when Randy walks through the door to the studio we're going to have a fun class! And the stories she can tell about her family are so funny. We all were complaining about having these little worms in our homes and she said that was nothing, try having snakes! The funniest story!!!

Another great thing about Randy is she has her own business helping people get organized running her own business called Go Clean Your Room

Nancy finished her t-shirt dress she started in her last class (McCalls 6161). A very easy dress that can be made in an hour or two. She didn't struggle with this project like she did with her last dress. This fabric was much easier to work with. It looks a little baggy on her but when she got home she put some heals on with a belt which gave it a much better look. She sent me and email to say she liked it much better after she did that. She wasn't too happy with it the first time she put it on which was this picture. This all goes back to my last "make it work" post about how we all don't like very thing about what we make.

There are some people that just have sewing inside them and understand the process from the get go. Lourdes is one of those who just understand the concept of putting the fabric together. She's only has taken a couple of of classes. She started this dress in class. I told her what to do with the neckline and she came back with it all finished. Not only did she finish it but she had to adjust the fitting by taking inches off all the seams to make it fit. I am so very proud of her. She cut out her next project working with very difficult fabric. I went through the steps of construction. We'll see when she comes to class on Wednesday how much she got done. I bet she finished a few things. She's caught the sewing bug! :)

Debbie likes to take the 4hr classes on Saturday. She started this shirt at home cutting it out. Sewing part of it last week and almost finishing it this week. She didn't want to have her picture taken with it but I gotcha in the background Debbie LOL!! She was standing at the cutting table cutting out her next top. She had questions on how to do it so she waited to cut it with me in class. I have it in my to save as much fabric as I can so I was able to lay it out for her saving her about a yard of fabric from the way the instructions asked her to cut the fabric.

Saturday was Mercy's first sewing class. She is working on a cute little dress. Instead of the spaghetti straps the pattern called for she decided to use some really cute lace. She finished her bodice and skirt, attached the both and just has a few things to do to have a completed project. She will be back next Saturday so we'll have pictures then.

And then there is James. Hey James, thanks for telling me to take pictures because I would have totally forgotten if it wasn't for you!!!    James is a great kid! I so enjoy having him in class. He is so talented and has a great future in the fashion business. He came to class this week to work on his Halloween costume. He has the best idea for a costume...Lady Gaga!! He's going to a party and is going to make several different costumes, throughout the night he's going to change costumes. How epic is that!!! 
And yeah, he didn't want his picture taken either but I got him in the background too LOL Gotcha!!!

And I got a great pic of him and Berthea. Berthea is another one I'm so very proud of with her sewing adventure. She is making some really beautiful things all on her own. She comes to class working all on her own only asking a couple of questions on things she's not sure of. There isn't much I teach Berthea!

And me, I got more baby clothes cut out and a couple of them made for my niece who is having a baby girl in January. It is so sweet and special to make baby clothes!!!

I have seats available to all classes next week except for Saturday sewing classes which are already full. I'm not doing a Saturday morning cutting class because I'm attending my 30 year high school reunion on Friday night. I plan on parting with all the people from the days of my youth. Many who still live here in SoFlo which makes me wonder how we drifted apart.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 14, 2010

Make it Work Part 7 - Imperfections

If you're looking for perfection in everything you do you will be disappointed in life. Nothing is perfect. And sometimes you're the only one who can see your imperfections. Sometimes you can't see them until they are pointed out to you.

Manytimes your sewing imperfections only you can see. So don't stress them. I believe you can always find something wrong that you could do better, make better. Always something you don't like about your sewing project. I notice the imperfections of my sewing projects but when I show them to others all they see is the full picture of the project and not the "I don't like the way that came out" that I see. I don't think I've every made anything that I thought it came out 100% perfect. There is always something I think could look better, could come out better in the end.

I'm here to make a confession on my imperfection in running my business. I HATE MY PHONE!!

Yes, that's right. The one thing that I need the most to run my business I just hate! It always rings when I'm in the restroom, toothbrush in my mouth, driving my car, cooking or eating, teaching a class, doing homework with my kids and yes many times when I'm sleeping. Rarely does it ring when I have time to talk on it.

I'm tired of the phone controlling my so I've kind of stopped jumping when It rings. I know I could get more students in the class if I would jump when it rang. I just don't like having a device controlling me and my actions.

Remember when we only had land lines (ok, I'm old LOL) people would leave a message on your machine. When you got home you would return their call when you had time. It was all ok. It might have taken some time but the connection was made and the business was done and people were all ok waiting for you to call them back. They weren't waiting for you to call them within an hours time. I also remember just having a beeper and people would still wait for you to get to a phone to call them back.

Now we have cell phones that people expect you to answer all the time. And if you don't call them back in a couple of hours the feel like you didn't get the message and are calling you again or texting you on your phone. And whats up with people calling right back when you don't answer. Not once, twice but three and sometimes 4 times waiting for you to pick up the phone. If I didn't answer it the first time I'm not going to answer the second, or fourth. Leave me a message - I'll get back with you - sooner or later!

So, yes... I know I could make a lot more money if I jumped every time the phone rang. I could talk to people while I'm driving, while I'm on the potty, while I'm eating but really... I'm not going to do it. I refuse! I know I've missed a lot of calls because of this. I now have on my voice message to call me back in 24 hours if you don't hear from me. And believe me I'm so busy all the time sometime it could be 24 hours before I find some free time to make the calls.

Yes, there's imperfections all around us in what we do, how we act, what we sew. The thing is to work with in your limits. For me my life is meant to be enjoyed with many smiles. And If I'm in the moment of hugging my babies, giving them kisses telling them how much I love them I'm sure not going to stop doing that if my phone rings no matter how much money is on the other end of the phone.

There... I said it!!! I'm not perfect and no one is. Things I sew aren't perfect. But when you look at me or the things I sew you can't see my imperfections but I sure do!

Make it work ~ Sharing my adventure of being a parent/business owner and how I make it work.
Make It Work Part 1 
Make it Work Part 2 - Lessons

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

Oct 11, 2010

Sewing Over the Wire 10/11/10

This is a series where I share sewing news I receive with you. 
Enjoy your reading.

Josie Russell exhibits textile images of her beloved Snowdonia
Daily Mail Tue, 05 Oct 2010
Fourteen years on from the horrific hammer attack, she is revealing her artistic talent to the world with textile works she creates with scissors and sewing machine from scraps of unwanted fabric. 

Awards & Achievers
The Springfield News-Leader Thu, 07 Oct 2010
Merrily Parker of Merrily We Quilt Along, an authorized dealer for BERNINA, one of the world's largest and most esteemed sewing machine companies, was awarded the BERNINA 2009 Rookie of the Year Award.

Tickled pink about my dress
Detroit Free Press Sun, 03 Oct 2010
I can't sew. I can't sketch. And yet -- paging Tim Gunn! -- I've designed a dress. A strapless party dress with a fitted bodice and a very full skirt -- thanks to 10 yards of pink crinoline -- that ends just below the knee. It's size 14 because that's the size of the average American woman.  

Marie Osmond writes how-to book about sewing gifts for loved ones
Reality TV World Sat, 02 Oct 2010
Marie Osmond has penned a how-to book about sewing gifts for loved ones, publishers Martingale & Co. said Tuesday. "Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Giving: Sew and Quilt for Family and Friends" is to be released Nov. 9.

Spreading comfort, one pillowcase at a time
The Ocala Star-Banner Sun, 03 Oct 2010
In an upstairs sunlit room at Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church, the whir of sewing machines mingles with happy chatter as a small group of women create colorful pillowcases for children who have cancer.

Laguna Beach group sews dresses for orphans
Laguna News Post Wed, 06 Oct 2010
LAGUNA BEACH  Women at Laguna Presbyterian Church are giving simple materials, a little sewing know-how and about 45 minutes of time to spread hope among girls in Africa. The church's sewing group is working with Little Dresses for Africa, a...

The colors of money
The Register-Guard Tue, 05 Oct 2010
Duck football isnât big business just for the University of Oregon. Ask Ted Norman. The co-owner of Identity by Sew On, which produces screen print and embroidered apparel, does some big business with the UO producing Duck shirts and other items. Business is good enough that the Springfield company boosted 

Quilters sew up laughter & help for others
Hancock County Journal-Pilot Tue, 05 Oct 2010
A group of women from Sts. Peter and Paul Church gather every Thursday at the Nauvoo Knights of Columbus building. While they share food, conversation and laughs, their hands are busy cutting, pinning, stitching and quilting. 

Women Sewing Together Annapolis History
FOX 5 Washington D.C. Mon, 04 Oct 2010
Every Monday and Thursday - a core group of about eight women gathers at Mary Ann Brown's living room. They are connected now by a three-panel tapestry that will eventually stretch 18 feet depicting 300 years of Annapolis history. 

Apollo Beach sewing group shares common thread
South Shore News & Tribune Wed, 06 Oct 2010
A group of women at a local church gather on Wednesdays to do some sewing. They have since 2002. 

Volunteers make a difference. Are you ready to join them?
Nevada Appeal Wed, 06 Oct 2010
Maria O'Neill, a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club, poses with members outside the club. She teaches sewing skills there.

Sewing Stories
North Bay Bohemian Thu, 07 Oct 2010
When Lynn Nottage's hard-hitting period drama Intimate Apparel first appeared in 2003, it had been eight years since her debut with the lovely, adolescent-themed Crumbs at the Table of Joy . Just when the theater world had all but forgotten this once-promising young playwright, Intimate Apparel came along, and nothing has been the same for Nottage since. 

  Shaping successful stitchers
Spokane Journal of Business Thu, 07 Oct 2010
Carrie Jarvis, owner of The Top Stitch, a sewing shop in the Garland District, has been sewing since the age of nine and says she feels driven to teach others how.

Sewing academy opens; Goal is to help others learn to sew
The Morning Sun Sun, 10 Oct 2010
Dr. Sandra Howell was looking for someone to teach her daughter to sew. 

Museum hosts mother-daughter sewing
Lisle Reporter Wed, 06 Oct 2010
The Downers Grove Park District is hosting an afternoon for mothers and daughters to sew together.

Fair exhibits present contrasts in lifestyles
The Lewiston Sun Journal Thu, 07 Oct 2010
FRYEBURG â Where else can you see the oldest and the newest? Take a look inside the museum buildings at THE Fryeburg Fair and youâll see 150-year-old farm implements, the first chain saws ever built, and sewing machines that are 100 years old and still running.

Fallen heroes honored with memorial quilt
U.S. Marine Corps Thu, 07 Oct 2010
MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. With more than four thousand hours dedicated to sewing, almost six thousand fallen heroesâ names are now recognized in eight beautifully-woven quilts displayed in their honor.

O'Hara woman's sewing projects comfort sick children
Valley News Dispatch Mon, 04 Oct 2010
The hand-sewn muslin dolls that pepper Elena Baseman's Colquitt Road home aren't waiting for shipment to upscale boutiques. Instead, they will go to poor villages where they might be the only toy a child ever owns. 

Quilts for soldiers needs to sew up some volunteers
The Galesburg Register-Mail Sun, 10 Oct 2010
Linda Wieck of Plymouth, Wis., had no way of knowing the Camo Quilt Project was born in April 2006 when her son-in-law asked her to make him a quilt when he was first deployed to Iraq. The project, in which volunteers make free quilts for members of the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps, has expanded to Galesburg.  

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy