Sep 27, 2010

Week in Review 9/26/10 - Short week at the Girl Cave

Before we start another week since today is Monday I better post my week in review. There were only a couple days of sewing at L2S last week since I took some time to recharge by getting out of South Florida and away from all the business owner/mommy duties. I wish I was doing it again this Monday. I had a lot of fun going away.  I saw so many beautiful things.. and we have nothing like this in Florida!

Friday and Saturday were the only days classes were held last week.
4 people attended the machine class
5 students attended the cutting class
11 students attended sewing class

I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone but... my bad... I didn't save the picture so poof it went into thin air.

Megan and Sonia finished the cute little outfit they were sewing. Megan tried it on and I did take her picture...but.. well :) yeah, I'm bad.

James started with a leather purse in class, got a little frustrated because leather is a different thing to sew which he found out real fast.

David started with his scrubs top getting most of it done, pockets and all. He just has to hem the sleeves and bottom.

Estee sent me the Halloween costume (snow white) she finished to my cell phone but I'm not set up to receive photos.. LOL she showed me the picture of it when she came to class. Send me the picture Estee so I can share!

Anna worked on her (what I call them) big round pillows that's she not using as pillows.

Gloria came to class to learn how to install a fly and invisible zipper.

Zena almost finished her dress by sewing down the liner at the waistline and installing the zipper. She just has to hem and she's done.

Marcia came in with a top already cut and got it almost finished before she left her 2 hour class.

A couple of people paid but didn't show up to class. If this is you just give me a call and lets reschedule your time.


So here's the thing. My car died a few weeks ago. I've been walking everywhere which is a good thing but I really need a car. Since I don't want to have a car payment I've decided to add 10 more hours to the week in classes.  I'm now doing Machine/Cutting classes on Monday. 4 hours of sewing class from 10am-2pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. All the classes are listed on the calendar. Call/email/text me to reserve your seat!

I think this is the shortest week in review I've ever written!!!


Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. I sure hope you can get your car replaced soon. I'm glad you moved your shop to be close enough to your home, so that you can walk. We walked everywhere when we were kids and lived in town because our Mother didn't drive or own a car till she was 40! We lived within a block or two of our school, church, downtown (such as it was), and the grocery store.
    Your students are busy, busy and productive as usual.
    Where up North did you go?

  2. Hope you find just the right car for your replacement. My daughter had the nerve to tell me that Gray's started last Thursday. HOW IN THE WORLD DID I MISS IT???