Sep 24, 2010

Making It Work Part 6 - Seeing the Beauty

I try to accomplish the things I need to do in my day in bits and pieces. I did that this morning. With 15 minutes of free time I started writing this post to finish later in the evening. And by mistake I hit the publish button instead of the save as draft button to finish it for later. I deleted it as soon as I realized it got published.   So, if you had this show up in your mail or reader and scratched your head because it was only a couple paragraphs, it's because I messed up. Just like in sewing and in life nothing is perfect. You will always make mistakes. If you're always looking for perfection you will be disappointed. It's all good because I'm back to finish the post now.

I'm back home from spending a few days north (ok, so everything is north of where I live in the US). It was a refreshing few days of doing nothing but enjoying the moments, looking around and seeing all the beautiful things that surrounded me from the land to the people. We really do live in a beautiful country. I hope you can take a few minutes in your day to pause, take a deep breath and see around you what beauty life has to offer. We all live under stress and pressure of the day but the most precious gift you can give to your life is to slow down, see the beauty, the good things all around you. I'm very thankful I had a few days away! I'm recharged and ready to get back to the sewing studio to kick my business into another gear. As I hold more classes today I couldn't have more fun then giving my students my sewing knowledge and watching what beautiful things they make, how creative they get with their designs.

We have so many sweet and special things all around from our family, friends and even the things we make with our sewing machines. Everything holds something beautiful. I could so live up north with all the leaves changing, The beautiful things my eyes saw in the landscape. We don't have that here in SoFlo. But we also don't have snow. As soon as the white stuff starts falling I'll be thankful I'm still wearing shorts and looking at palm trees with everything still green.

All around us we have beautiful things to make us shine. The trick is to see the beauty in what is being presented to you in each moment. When you can live in the moment, take care of what is in front of you, look at the good and the beautiful the moment has to offer you will live a beautiful life.

Speaking of beautiful things. I was giving the beautiful blogger award from my sister from another mother, Faye. Julia was going to give it to me too but she saw Faye had already gave it to me so she shared the love with others. The rules are to pass it on to other.

So if you took the time in your day to enjoy your moments and to take in all the beautiful things life has to offer this award is for you. Pass it along to others so they too can live in the moment. What a precious gift you give yourself when you look at the beautiful things facing you right now!
Life is a precious gift. I pray you are enjoying yours!

So tell me something beautiful you saw or happened today.... I would love to hear the beauty that surrounds you. Sharing with you and others is the best!!!

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Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. Cindy, you deserve this award, as much if not moreso than any other blogger I have gotten to know. I needed to stop and think about what beautiful thing I've seen today because I've been so down and out lately. I'll send you an email and tell you all. The beautiful thing, though, is really not something I saw with my eyes but rather that I heard. I called each of my girls to talk to them about something very serious and each of them was so supportive and caring. I feel that perhaps we have "raised them up right!"