Sep 8, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know there's two tricks to sewing and if you just keep telling yourself these two tricks most of your sewing mistakes will disappear.

The first trick to sewing is always tell yourself put two right sides of the fabric together when making your seams and constructing things together. Now you do have to possess common sense because you know when you install a pocket to a shirt you put the wrong side of the pocket fabric to the right side of the shirt. But when doing most things and you can't figure out how they go together if you just find the right sides of both fabrics you are trying to put together the process will flow that much easier.

The second trick to sewing is to put the edges of the fabric together. No matter what you're doing, installing trim/piping to a seam, adding a straps - always put the edges of the fabric together. The rest of the edges of the fabric may not line up but always the seam that goes together should line up putting the edges together.  And always (let me repeat myself always) pin your fabric together before you make your stitches.

I say these two things more times than I can count during class. If a student can't figure out what to do I ask them to find the right sides of the fabric. Then I ask them to tell me what edges go together so they can start pinning.  I'm always saying "Put two right sides together" "Put your edges together".   Another thing I say a lot in class is "clip it before you flip it".    I'll have to tell you that one in my next Did You Know....

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. Great advice. I sometimes forget that when I'm making French seams that I have to put the wrong sides together first because I'm so used to putting the right sides together.

  2. I've got two blog awards for you if you are interested and if you have time.