Aug 8, 2010

Week in Review 8/8/10 - Drawing comes to Life

There's only two more weeks left of summer and the kids will be back in school. The summer just flew by.

Last week also flew by with some full classes and some not so full. I didn't have anyone enroll to the cutting class on Thursday which gave me a chance to catch up on things at the studio.

5 people attend the machine class
1 person came to cutting class
28 people attended sewing class 

I've had many students who are bringing in their drawings (illustrations) to learn how to make what they sketch. This is why I want to do a class on this. It's so much fun to take a basic pattern and turn it into your design. Sophia's been coming in and doing just that. The first thing she made on her own was a dress she just draping on the dress form. Then I showed her how she could use two different patterns to make one of her designs.  Then I told her to look for a pattern that was almost like what she wanted to make and I would show her how to change up the pattern to make her design. 
Here is her sketch to the right and the start of her design to the right. 
I taught her how to trace a very basic pattern and add her seam lines to it.  So she picked Butterick 5746 as her pattern and made all the pieces needed for her design in the first half of class. Then we started to sew and got the bodice done and started on the skirt.. more to come on this project.

 I was kind of teasing Nancy this week in class. She started with the machine class a few weeks ago and was so nervous her first class. I have to tell you, she sure has come a long way in a few weeks. She's making kitchen appliance covers. I can't tell yo how many she's made so far but I know it's a few. She actually did something really cute in her kitchen. Instead of putting up cabinet doors she made curtains to hand. She had some left over fabric so I told her to use some of that to make her appliance covers with.  Nancy and I get along great because we both like to talk :)  Can you tell she's talking in the picture? LOL

 Anna who is sitting up front is perfect at sewing. She takes her time on every seam make sure she gets all the stitches right. And when you do this you make beautiful things. She's working on a cute little sleeveless dress and wasn't sure how to do the shoulders with the facing. We got right to that point at the end of class so I sure hope for her homework she was able to do what I showed her. 

And Rebecca's behind Anna sewing a skirt she's been working for a few weeks now. It seemed like every seam was a problem with this skirt with a few fitting issues. She learned how to install in invisible zipper this week and learned how to make some seam adjustments to make it fit. 

I hope to have pictures of finished projects for both of these ladies soon!

Saturday Afternoon Sewing Class

 This is Berthea. She's making her second sewing project, a blouse. This is her working on the collar. She was 25 minutes late to class because she needed some seam tape and stood in line forever at JoAnns fabrics to check out. She didn't get a whole lot done on her blouse but I sure was happy she learned the cutting process and cut this out at home. When you do don't use our class time cutting out your projects we can get a lot more sewing in.
 Debbie drove all the way from Hillsboro Beach to attend sewing class twice this week. She's sewn a long time but needs help on technique.. and she's also sewn with cotton fabric and not knits so she came in to learn a few tricks. She made this in top in a few hours. The only thing needed is to hem the sleeves and bottom. 

I made this pattern before but a different view. If I was at the studio right now I would give you the pattern number but... oh well :)  If you want the pattern number just let me know and I'll give it to you. It is a sweet top to own and I know for sure Debbie will be making more like this one
Then there's very busy mom of two, Leslie.  I have to say this student is amazing. She's been teaching herself making kids clothing to sell in a boutique and selling them out. I'm giving her some finish seam techniques. She's been coming to class to learn how to use patterns. Every time I go to teach her something she's already doing it. She has such a natural ability for sewing and is going to fly with her business while she's a stay at home mom to her two little babies (one who's a big girl now at the age of 3). Leslie didn't like the way the front of the skirt was hanging out so before she left class we sewed down the pleats in the front so they wouldn't pooch out.

Sewing Tuesday 6:0-8:30pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm(class full) and 6:30-8:30pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-12n(class full) and 12n-2pm
Machine Thursday 6:30-8:30pm
Machine Friday 10am-12n

So with it being a short week I hope to get some sewing in on my own. I did finish the pants but you know what really stinks??? Well not really but, I've lost weight and the last two pair of pants I've made no longer fit LOL go figure... back to the sewing machine.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. Do you supply the sewing machines for your students, or do they bring in their ow?

  2. Your sewing classroom looks great. Nice natural light.