Aug 3, 2010

Week in Review - 7/31/10 - Late with the Post

Yes, I'm late posting my week in review. Reason #1 Attending the Robert Plant concert, drinking draft beer sure did make me feel nasty on Sunday so I spent some time floating around in the pool. Reason #2 Doctors appointment that took forever on Monday with my son staying home after the visit. So, I thought I better write a post today before I start a new week at the studio tonight.

7 people attended the machine class
5 people came to cutting class
24 people made some beautiful things in sewing class
YES, it was another busy week.

And since I'm not feeling great today to spend the time typing out who everyone is and what they are working on I'm just going to give you pictures. I have a full class tonight, been wishing all day I would feel better but it hasn't happened as of yet.  ~ HEY, it was a good thing I took a lot of pictures last week (not my usual self)

I really am a proud teacher. And I just love passing on my knowledge to all of you!
I do have space available to the classes this week. I only have a couple full classes so if you want to attend just give me a call, email or text me when you want to come in. 

And, I had so much fun at the concert last week! Robert Plant may be an old man but he sure does possess a sexiness about him on stage. He didn't hit too many high notes but the man still has a beautiful voice! YES, we were right up front singing and dancing right along with him. Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami is a great place to see a concert. The ocean is behind the stage. (I only wish they had the AC on a little more, haha funny aren't I? - it was so dang hot out!)

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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