Aug 24, 2010

RIP Alex - 6 years gone by

August 25, 2004 is a day that will live with me forever. It's the day that all the death happening in Iraq came to my neighborhood. It was the day Alex Arredondo was killed in action. This picture was the last photo taken of him found in his camera by his parent after his death. It was taken a couple of days before he took his last breath.

Many of my students and many of my readers of this blog know about Alex because I talk about him often. If you would like to read more about Alex and what a wonderful kid he was go here and this post too.

Alex served his country and gave his life. There are many Americans who just complain about everything and don't get involved with making our country a better place for all of us to live. One VERY EASY WAY you can serve your country is to VOTE! Today is the day for us here in Florida and in many states for us to go decide who we want to hire to run our states, our county and our cities. When we don't use our freedom Alex and all his friends from so many years past gave to us... we allow the crazies to take over.

Now look, I know sometimes we have to smell this pile of poop or the other pile of crap and decide which one smells better (because they both smell bad) And this is the reason why so many normal people don't go to the polls on days like today. But if we don't get involved by doing the simplest thing like voting we allow the really crazy people to decide how society is set up for all of us to live. And let me tell you, there are crazies on both sides of the isles. We need more people in the middle to vote so we can even out the crazies.

So if you don't want to do it because you don't care about the future of our country, state, county and cities... Do it for kids like Alex who gave their life for this country. Many people have stepped up to protect this country for hundreds of years for your right to vote. The least you can do to honor their life is to vote today! PLEASE VOTE! And if you want to do more than vote and don't want to serve in the military you can always become a candidate because we need better people running for these offices.

And my dear Alex, You are with me often.. smiling. I'm so happy you're full of smiles in heaven. Your precious life was taken so young. Only 20yrs old on your second tour in Iraq. Honey, you are such a brave soul!!  Rest in peace sweet child.... rest in peace until you are with your loved ones once more..... You are loved so much!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. God Bless you and America! I really appreciate what you said here. Kansans voted the first week of August and I participated. When I come to Florida to visit relatives I really want to stop in your shop and meet you in person. Your sentiments are shared and I just wanted to let you know your not alone. Thanks Cindy!

  2. I voted today. I found out that I'm known as a "super voter" because I vote all the time. I can't stand people who whine about the government but don't vote. Voting is not just a right -- it's also a responsibility.

    I, too, will catch up with you some day.