Jul 25, 2010

Week in Review - 7/25/10 - A week of Full Classes

This is my busy time of year when everyone wants to learn how to sew. And much to my surprise most every class was full last week.  Since this is happening more often now I've added a waiting list on the website for people who want to get on it. I do get cancellations all the time so your chances of getting a seat to class is good by putting your name on the list.

6 people attended the machine class
8 people attended cutting class
25 people attended sewing class and a lot of them were teenagers wanting to put their drawings to life.  

Now remember my camera is broke and I'm not really sure when I'm going to get another one so if the pictures aren't good it's because they were taken with my cell phone.

Olivia attended almost every sewing class this week. She is just the sweetest thing. I had tons of fun with her in the class and I just love her parents too. They are a lot like myself in that they love to enjoy their moments and you can feel the energy. Olivia spent many hours at the fabric store because she has great ideas but I told her to start with something simple to start. So she ended up making friends with a customer at the fabric store who bought her a great piece of fabric and talked he into making pj pants for her brother. That was her first project but the rest of the week she worked on this handbag. She also bought fabric to make a vest. I'm going to show her how she can make a pattern because vest are too easy to make. (so, see you soon Olivia! I loved having you in class all week!)

On Tuesday friends Abby and Elana came to class together. Elana came to class last summer to make her purple dress for her brothers wedding. They both are working on skirts. I love when friends attend together. It's fun to sew with friends.

I also had friends Jocelyn and Kirmaya attend the machine class last Saturday and came back to the cutting class this Saturday. They stayed for the sewing class and got a lot done on the dresses they're making. They will be back next week. The dresses will be finished in a couple hours (lets hope I remember to take pictures to share).

Erin cut out some pants in my last location and is just now getting herself back to class. She moved to a new house and couldn't find her sewing machine. Sometimes life has a way of taking us away from the things we really want to do. I'm glad Erin's back sewing her pants. I think one more class and you'll have your pants finished Erin.. in fact I know you will have them done you are so close to being finished.

And Rachel has been coming back to class after attending the first week of summer camp she wanted to do more sewing. She's been working on a dress that looks so cute but she's a really tall girl, we should have did a tissue fitting for length because the dress was a bit too short for an 11yr old. we ended up adding a bottom band to ad some length. If she didn't do this we would have a picture to show for a finish product but, next time you will see her dress.

Vivi is another girl I just love having in class this week. She's 19yrs old and home for the summer from school. Guess what? She's going to Parsons Design School. I just love having young designers in class learning the art of sewing. I have many kids/teens in class this summer bringing in their drawings. I just know the knowledge I'm giving them will last them a lifetime. It's all so very rewarding to me.

I am so very proud of Leslie. She bought a great sewing machine and serger on HSN at a really good price. This is her first project ever. She made the shorts that go with this top a couple of weeks ago. She finished this little top on Saturday in class. She's going to try to make it again at home before she comes back to class. But someone who was a little hesitant in the beginning has no fear now. She takes great notes on her pattern so she can remember what she did when she can't understand what they are saying in the written part of the sewing instructions.

Sofia returned this week working on another one of her designs, pants and having a hard time on the fit. Don't worry Sofia, we'll get the skinny pants right next time you come to class. She's another young designer and has the most beautiful illustration book she has her drawings in. I just loved it and wish I took a picture of it to share.

Christopher came back to class Saturday with his mother. They cut out a real pretty wrap. I love when the young designers come to class. Olivia and Christopher go to the same "art magnet" school in Miami and were happy to see one another in class. And they haven't given an air date when they are going to show the segment on Univision Ch 23, hopefully it will be next week but I'll let you know when I find out.

Next week's classes:
Sewing Tuesday 6:30-8:30 CLASS FULL
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6:30-8:30pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Machine Thursday 6:30-8:30pm One seat available
Machine Friday 10am-12noon
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10-12noon CLASS FULL
Sewing Saturday 1-3pm (class full) and 3-5pm

With summer camp and full classes last week I didn't get any of my own sewing done. Since I have some free hours the next couple of day's I hope to get to the studio to do my own creations.

Also a reminder: If you want to sign up to classes and save $10 - come to the studio on Friday from 6-8pm and sign up for the Package Deal of sewing classes. Cash or check payments only for the discount.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. Hi Miss Cindy, Thank you for teaching us sew many great things last week!! You really are the best! Sincerely, one of your favorite students!?? :)