Jul 30, 2010

Some Runway, Sewing and Robert Plant

Since my last two post were about Project Runway let me give my first episode review. There was so much to love about the season starting with 17 designers and a crunch time of only 5 hours to make something. That is so not easy to make something like that in 5 hours. I also liked the extra 30 minutes giving us just a bit of everything. You can always tell in the first episode who has it and who doesn't. I really liked Ivy's style but really the dress was a "wardrobe makeover". I would have like to seen more of her and thought there were a couple of others that deserved to be booted. But, it's all fun. I love watching this show!


Next up, a little Friday night sewing. I've been trying to finish these pants for a few weeks now.  It's really hard sometimes to find my time to sew to make my things. But, this is my TNT pants pattern. I love making them. This is the 5th pair I've made. These pictures are really bad because I took them with my cell phone.
Side View
Back view
I teach my students to always buy extra fabric then they say to buy. This is one reason why I buy extra so I can do neat things like this with different fabrics. 
Next up a couple tops that are already cut and ready to be sewn together. There's never enough time to sew my own things and my sewing list is long.


And one last thing to say. Many people know how much I love Led Zeppelin. My happy time is being in the girl cave sewing while getting the Led out. I love them so much I named my kids Bonham and Page. Ok so, I used them as their middle names but still. I love love love their music and would have followed them around the country in 1980 when they were going to tour... right before John died.    Tomorrow night Robert Plant is playing in Miami. Half the show will be Zep tunes and the other half will be his solo stuff.   I was able to buy some tickets through A Place For Tickets (my neighbors at my old location) and... It's right up front!!!!  I am so excited.  I'm going to try and click a couple of video's and pic's with my cell phone. I'll share with you and give you my review soon. 

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy