Jul 15, 2010

10yr Old Christopher on Ch 23 Univision

Last Saturday we had a film crew come in to take some video of Christopher at the sewing studio. The segment was suppose to air this week on Ch 23 Univision.
The reason for this post: I've had many people call and email to ask when they would see him and themselves (since my class was full when they filmed it) on TV. My answer: I don't know. Hopefully next week.

I contacted Lisette, his mother. She told me they are still working on the piece and would let me know when it would go on the air.

Have you seen his designs?
This is a bag his mom had made with a design on it.  
Christopher signed it for me (How Sweet)
And his business card - really bad picture because I took it with my cell phone.
I'll have to scan it to share.. he really can illustrate beautifully!

Christopher is AMAZING!!  Did I mention he's only 10 years old?

I'll be back to let everyone know when the air date will happen!

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. Oh my!!! How impressive!!!!

  2. Wow! That is SO impressive and exciting! I've never known a real prodigy like that! :)

    I tried to figure out why you can't post on my blog from your google account, but I don't see anything in my "settings" page that would account for it. And I had a friend try to post from her google account and it seemed to work fine. I'm sorry, Cindy, I'm stumped!

    And thanks for asking about my health - I'm finally feeling 100% again! Yay! Now, if I could just get 100% caught up at work... ;)

    I hope everything is going well at your new place and for you and your family! :)