Jun 1, 2010

Weekend Sewing - New Sofa Cushions

Since we're in recovery mode staying close to home this past weekend, and there's only so much house cleaning you can do, I decided to fix something that's been a big problem for a long time.

When the kids were small we needed a new sofa. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because lets face it, kids trash things. So I found this sofa with matching chair at Sears for $500. After the years of abuse by the kids with the pillows being sewn back on ever few months I decided it was time to take these big old cushions off since they were falling off all the time anyway and replace them with ones that can be removed which allows for more laying room while movie watching. (and let me just add - really bad pictures - sorry - its the camera's fault)

I'm not finished yet because I was just going to make some big pillows and decided to hand sew some seam lines to give them some shape. It took 4 hours to do one side. I'm thinking about opening up the other pillow, pulling out the stuffing and doing the other pillow on the machine. It's a little easier on the finger tips. And it will only take about an hour to finish it not 4.
I started out cutting off these big cushions off the back. They were as big as me when I took them off and took up my whole table. They really were too big. Anytime you wanted to lay on the sofa they would push you right off. So I took my scissors out and cut them in half. I have a huge garbage bag filled with leftovers to make throw pillows later (or stuff a few t-shirt pillows)

Since I cut off the old pillows I had to fix the back of the sofa. Good thing JoAnns had a huge sale this past holiday weekend. Most everything was 50% off. Yes, I spent a lot of money there but hey, it was buy one get one. Time to stock up on so many things. I'll show you my stash of what I bought next time. I bought the fabric for this project on their back wall and paid $10 for the fabric.

I hand sewed some brown broadcloth to the back of the sofa because I sure wasn't using a sewing machine on it :)  This is what little one did most of the weekend if she wasn't at dance class. (again - really bad picture) umm, I love brown!

Here's the top of the cushions looking down.  You can see all the seams I hand stitched in on the right one and how the left needs to have a little shape to it. This project is almost done and I'll be happy when it is because it's been on my to do list for a long time. With recovery mode going on around here I had my time given to me to accomplish this.

I have room in sewing class tonight starting at 6:30pm. Maybe I'll stay after to finish the pants I started last week. I'm real close to being done with them and have some tops I want to cut out.

My son still didn't go to school today.... We're still in recovery mode...
Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes...

Congratulations to the Blackhawks for winning game 2 of Stanley last night. That was a great game to watch! Nothing like Stanley playing when it comes to hockey. It's the best! 

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. What a great job on the sofa cushions. That's not an easy project at all. I know the wonderful feeling of finally getting a project done that's been on the to-do list for a long time! Whew!