Jun 27, 2010

Week in Review 6/27/10 - Many Sewing Smiles

This week the morning classes on Wednesday and Thursday got canceled to make room for the first week of summer camp. The same thing will happen in July for weeks 2 and 3. So thanks for everyone who usually come to class then for taking a week off.

Many sewing smiles were had this week. I have to say I love the process of watching someone discover the wonderful world of creating things with the sewing machine. They walk through the door with a big question mark over their head and through the process they have a glow about them, and in the end the excitement shows all over their face with their smile. I even have some adults jump up and down while clapping they get so excited. I just love the feeling sewing gives me and others. And that's what I remember about this past week were all the smiles that were had...

8 people attended the machine class starting the sewing adventure.
5 people came to cutting class cutting and all cutting out clothing projects.
21 people attended sewing class making t-shirts and tops, kids clothing, refashioning old cloths for a new look, quilts, men shirt, pj pants, Halloween decorations, pants, wallets, and dresses because we make a lot of dresses in class.

The camera didn't get taken out much during the adult classes this week. I do have a few pictures to show.

One being from Ariela who I helped last week on how to construct one of her designs. She had an idea to make a petal skirt with different layers and sizes of petals with an elastic band at the top. I suggested she sew a liner to the petals so when they fly around you can see some pretty fabric on underneath. And it's a lot easier to sew two layers of fabric together and flip them then try to finish the edges of one layer of fabric. So in a few hours after class last week she made herself this cute little skirt. I am so very proud of this young student in so many different areas of her life, not only her sewing skills.

I don't have the picture of the Tee-Pee Samantha made as of yet but I do have her first attempt of quilting. She started this project in class deciding what fabrics to use and cutting most of the pieces needed because I have really big tables for cutting, more than she has at home.  She came back to class the top made and she did it all by herself. Yeah Sam!! She did a great job. This is going to look great on her daughters bed. She's also making pillow shams to match too. Oh, and did I tell you that Sam likes to go thrifting and all this fabric was recycled from old sheets and all kinds of other things she bought for very little money.

And then there's Christina who brought a guest to class with her. She has many people from work who wants to attend my sewing class. Just to let people know if you refer someone to me and they join a class I will give you a free hour of sewing.  Anyway, Christina was away last weekend and was able to get a lot more of her hand embroidery done to the little dress she's making for her daughter. She get the skirt attached to the bodice and is working on the sleeve. As I told you before, it's so much fun to have Christina in class. She already has a lot of sewing knowledge. There isn't much I teach her.
I also want to say Thank You to Christina for bringing me back a sweet little gift from her adventures in San Diego. She was on a business trip and looked up a fabric store (Memory Lane Quilt Shop) to visit while she was there because when you catch the sewing bug you have to visit fabric stores when you visit other cities.   She saw this cuties little charm while she was there and thought of me. So, Thank You Christina! I love it!

Next week is going to be a very short week with sewing classes on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and evening and Thursday morning then I'm going to be closed for 5 days for the July 4th weekend. I really could use a few days off. I'm starting to do some really stupid things like forgetting to write people in when they reserve a seat or putting them in the wrong day (Sorry Pilar and Rachael - I'll make that one up to you!!) But just like sewing, nothing or no one can be perfect 100% of the time - mistakes are going to be made.  I need a little vacation :)

I didn't get to sew anything for myself last week. I really hope I have time because I have a couple of tops and another pair of jeans cut out ready for the machine.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. That petal skirt is awesome!

  2. What a wonderful skirt. Lining each petal was a really smart suggestion! The quilt is looking nice, as well. What an adorable little embroidered dress.