Jun 20, 2010

Week in Review 6/20/10 - Dancing By Myself

Hi all, Sorry I haven't posted in a week.

It's been a heck of a week teaching 12 classes and bringing my daughter to dance every night, making costumes, picture night, hair and makeup, first week of summer being out of school and ending it with her dance recital last night. I'm exhausted!!!

Before I tell you about the week at the sewing center I have to brag a little because, hey, I'm mom first. My daughter did her very first dance solo. She started dancing when she was 4 years old and got invited to be on the competition team at the age of 6. She's said for years when she was 10 years old she would do a solo. She didn't do a full dance because her hormones are in high gear with bouts of tears so her dance teacher thought it would be best if we didn't put the stress on her. She had a little bit in the opening dance of the recital last night. She was in 8 dances... but this one stole my heart and made me cry. I am a proud mama
A picture of little dancer, a proud mom and grandmother

And now to tell you what happened at the studio this week. I've had a few students I haven't seen in a long time. They came back to class this week. 

The week started out slow with 4 people reserving seats with everyone canceling within 2 hours of the class. That meant I was able to work on my own sewing. I was able to get a few things cut out with one top made and another pair of jeans started.

Denise drives far to take my sewing classes so she takes advantage of my 4 hour sewing sessions. As I said in last weeks review, I am so proud of Denise. She has come so far so fast in her knowledge of sewing. She made this cute little romper for her daughter. I love making little clothes. It's just "sew" much fun!

Betty is one of the students I haven't seen in years. She came back to class last week to make a pillow case for a friend. This week she came to make some baby gifts. I have so much fun with Betty, we have great conversations. She's lived in Hollywood a long time too. She hasn't had things easy lately with the loss of her husband while she was away with a friend. She needs sewing in her life to help her with his passing.

Ariela is another student who's been attending my classes for years. She started when she was 12 years old. She caught the bug and can't get enough of sewing. She made several projects in her 4 hour session. She came in wearing this hair clip she made at home. She made a wallet (already made the black one at home, started a little hat she made a pattern herself and then she drew up a little skirt with peddles we talked about its construction and an easy way to do it.   She is going to NY for a fashion summer camp for 3 weeks. I think she's going to the same place Scott is going (so Scotts mom, if you're reading this which I know you do LOL ya gotta tell me when Scott is going to be there and maybe we can get the two of them together)

Many other students attended class this week but as usual I didn't pull out the camera.

Next week sewing summer camp with 5 cute little girls starting of their adventure in the wonderful world of sewing. I will take pictures of this. The first day we're going to make a tote bag.

So, my sewing. I was able to cut out 3 tops and another pair of jeans (using different denim) I made one top and started on the jeans. I totally messed up sewing this top. It was Friday. I was rushing because I wanted to wear it yesterday. I sewed the shoulder yoke and when I sewed the side seams I ended up putting two wrong sides together, hemmed the sleeves and bottom before I realized what I did. (good thing I try to make the inside look just as good as the outside) You can't really tell, but I can. I'm making another one LOL I like this pattern. It only took me about an hour to sew. Very Easy. I'll have to write down the pattern number next time I'm at the studio and sew it up again.

And that's what happened last week.


Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. Your daughter is amazinggggg!

  2. life has kept me off the computer as much as normal. I think i've missed a couple of your posts. I'll go back and look. Your daughter is absolutely amazing!!!! It's no wonder you are so proud. You have every right to be proud of this little bundle of coordinated energy!!!!!
    Your top looks great to me.

  3. Your daughter is fantastic! See you in class Thursday!