Jun 6, 2010

Week in Review - 06/06/10 - Hot Days of Summer

It is just steaming hot outside. What better thing to do than spend your time in the air conditioner sewing. And that's what happened last week.

Last week was spent getting back on track by making sure everyone who I had to reschedule because of my emergency was taken care of. I had to switch Thursday's night cutting class to a machine class to fit everyone in. By Saturday morning everyone had returned to learn the sewing machine.

9 people attended the machine class with more than half of them bringing their own sewing machines to learn on.
No one attended the one cutting class I had on Friday so I got to sew "yippee".
18 people attended sewing class to feed their passion of learning and creating new things.

Since my mind was other places this week with trying to get my son recovered from his surgery to get him back in school (can you believe only 3 more day's and school is out for summer!) I didn't take many pictures this week. 

But I do have one picture to share of Monica. She came to class in January. She was out one night wearing her dress she made in class and sent me a picture of herself in it. This is called making it work because the neckline was too big for her so next best thing - make it off the shoulder. I had ton's of fun with Monica in class. I hope to see her again soon. I'm thankful for the picture to share with all of you since I was so bad at taking pictures this past week.

Aimee came to class on Tuesday evening to work on her dress. She's so close to being done with it, one more class and we'll be showing off her first sewing project. The same night my daughter wanted to come with me to class to make her teacher a bag to say thank you for a wonderful year. I'll have to take a picture of it before she gives it to Mrs. Burns. 

I am so proud of Denise. She just started her adventure in sewing a few weeks ago. She is so good about learning the process on her own. I always see her out of the corner of my eye always checking her instructions to make sure she understands the concepts being taught to her. There's not much she doesn't understand from the pattern instructions. She's well on her way to making many beautiful dresses for her daughter.

Samantha came to class on Wednesday to finish making a tee-pee from old sheets she's been working on in class for a few weeks to use in her photo shoots. She's almost done with it and as soon as she does finish and the poles are in we'll be sharing a photo of this too.

Terry's back making more Disney things with her new Disney Brothers sewing machine. She's going on a cruse soon and is sewing up a storm to make all kinds of things for it. She did finish a few things but my head wasn't in the right place to take a picture. 

I got to do some sewing last week too. I refashioned a couple of tops with some 50% off knit fabric I found at Joanns for their Memorial Day Sale. I ended up spending a few bucks at their notion wall buying all kinds of fun implements of sewing construction. I did take some pictures but since I'm having a hard time uploading any more photo's I'll have to show you them next time.

Next week's classes can be viewed at my website (link on the sidebar of this blog). I hope to see you in class and if not I hope you're giving yourself the time to feed your sewing passion.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. The little dress that Denise has made is adorable. Monica - what can be said, but OO-la-la!
    I'm glad that school is nearly our for your kids (and you) and that you have gotten everyone all caught up!!!!!

  2. Julia,
    Monica works hard on her body. If I looked like her I would be showing it off too :) umm... I don't have a body like hers bummer LOL