Jun 11, 2010

Make it Work Part 4 - Signs

Since the days of my youth I've always known two things: that I would be a mom and I would be a business owner. It took me many years to achieve the dreams of my youth. If there's one thing I can teach my children is to follow their dreams given to them at birth. Your dreams are what give you the most smiles. When you have as many smiles as you can in life you have given yourself a wonderful gift.

To get the most out of your life you have to decide what you want. I wanted to be a mom. I always saw myself being called mom. As much as I wanted them I wasn't given any. It took me many years to have my children but when I did my time was there's giving them as much of me as possible. Being a parent to a child doesn't last forever. I give my time freely knowing soon enough they won't want my presence around them like they do as kids.

 I also wanted to be a business owner. Ask for the things you want and when you are ready for them they will be given to you. Sometimes they're not given to you until your ready for it. Sometimes it's given to you but you don't see the signs telling you what you have to do. The signs are there waiting for you to see them. In my 20's I had a great desire to own a business. I thought one day that would be a hair salo. As the years passed more and more hair styling places were popping up everywhere. They were like gas stations. I've always been self employed but I wanted to be a business owner. The signs have always been there of what I should do. I love to sew and have done it since I was 12 years old, I love telling people what I know. I've always shared my knowledge freely. Then one day the ideas just flooded my mind. My ideas were put to action and Learn 2 Sew was born. I have had many smiles and still do having people pass through my studio doors.

I have many students who have lost their jobs. The want to learn the art of sewing to either save money getting their clothes fixed or to start or help with a business. Some are very upset when they've been told they no longer have a job. I try to tell them to look at the signs telling them what path they should take. They've been given a great gift. When one door closes another opens and more times than not it's a better door then the one that was just closed. There's signs all around waiting for you to follow the path to happiness. It's your choice to follow your heart. No one can give you what you want but you.

I'm still following the signs being presented to me be it in my personal life and business actions. The signs are like lessons... they will be there until you see them, until you learn the lesson. I strive to make things better, to make things easy, to use my time wisely, to enjoy my 24 hours given to me. To give myself as may smiles as I can throughout the day. You can't always make gold but unless you try you will never have gold. Keep trying until you achieve that what you desire most, follow the signs.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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  1. Oh my, I am trying to follow the signs in my life. I think they are leading me to writing more. I would love to eventually publish a book. I have pretty much decided that sewing is not to be a real business for me.
    It took me forever to realize that my signs in my earlier life were telling me to teach. I can't imagine me doing anything else during those years.
    Being a mom and granmomma was always the biggest sign in my life and still is.
    I think being a "mom" to my mom has popped out to the forefront right now.
    Love your posts. You are so insightful in your thinking!

  2. The signs are truly around us. I hope we all continue to merge in the right direction as we observe the signs. Thank you for the post! :)