May 31, 2010

A ture story

March 2004
My Thoughts Drift Away.....
By Cindy 

It's a beautiful day,The lawn fills with smiling faces.
The sounds of years past delight my ears.
Dancing and singing and enjoying the day.
I look to the sky, my thoughts drift away.
How many will die today?

I think of all those who live in fear,
as I listen to the music and enjoy my beer.
Enjoying the day with all the smiling faces.
Do they know how many will die today
while they partake the sounds of the past?
I look at their faces and realize they do not.
I mention to a friend my thoughts....

With tears running down, I look at the ground.
I pray for the souls that will be set free.
I pray for the mothers and fathers.
I pray for the brothers and sisters,
for the husbands and wives,
and for the daughters and sons.
All will have to live without their loved ones.

I try to enjoy the moment once more, but I cannot.
My soul cries for all the death we have caused.
I pray for peace in all humans that we can enjoy our moments.
Precious moments we choose to blow away, forever.

written after attending a free concert at Gulfstream 
the war in Iraq was fresh ... the hurt continues...

RIP to all who've given their lives to our military

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  1. So poignant and beautiful You are an inspiration to me!