May 7, 2010

Make it Work - part 3 - 14hrs to Make Gold

In part 2 of making it work I talked about how we never stop learning either in our sewing techniques and life _ and how everything we do is never perfect. We're going to make mistakes. The bad things that happen are there to teach us lessons. The good things that happen are lessons learned - when you sew your gold.

A little more about learning. You never know where you're going to get your education. Many of the thing's I talk about in "make it work" has taken me years to learn. I take a little bit of information here, a little bit there, put them together and try different things until I "make it work".

Someone asked me the other day if I design things myself. I really have to say I never was good at inventing things in my own mind. I look at this sewing technique someone did and implement it into something I'm doing. I was the same way when I was a hairstylists.    Just like in life, if I'm not sure about something I think about all the different ways I can do it and try to do the best technique.

So, when I sold real estate for a living I attended a lot of selling seminars. You never know where you're going to get your education. If I just learn one thing from someone that helps me I look as it as good money and time spent. This is why I tell people to attend my sewing machine class even if they know how to use their machine because you never know when they learn that one thing that can really help and save them time.     So, I was attending and Anthony Robins seminar years ago, I learned tons for my $300 to attend. I really got my money's worth.

One thing I learned from Anthony was there's one thing we all have the same - 24hrs in each day. We could have more or less money, friends, family, health: all kinds of things. But there's only one thing we all have the same and that the hours in each day. How you spend your hours will determine what kind of life you have. It's your choice how you embrace each moment.

I learned from Anthony if you feed it - it WILL grow. There's only so much you can fit in your 24 hours to consume your time. Take away 8 hours for sleeping, a couple for eating and all the things for your body's survival and you have about 14 hours in each day to do the things that are important to you. You can't do everything in that time given so you have to decide a few things that are most important and do something/anything for that something important and it will grow..... give it nothing and it dies.

So the first step to setting goals is deciding what's important to you and what brings you the most smiles. Start out with picking 8 things like: running a business, family, friends, house (inside and out), religion, reading, sewing.......

Once you decide what your heart desires each day you have to do something to feed it. You can spend 10 minutes or 2 hours. The more you feed it the better it will grow. If you give it nothing - nothing will happen and sometimes that something you love so much dies.

How I stay on track, free my mind so I can sleep at night. There's so much I want to do to fill my day's. If I didn't write everything down to keep me in order I could never make it work. No matter where I am I have my to do/ to buy list. When things pop in my head be it at home or my sewing studio, driving in the car I make list of things I have to do and have to buy. At the end of the day I put these thoughts all together for my to do list for the next day. It's time management because we only have maybe 14 hours to feed it so it grows.

My #1:   I'm making sure my kids needs are met in school and at home. It all starts with them. There will be a time when my time is my own but most of my time is spent for my children showing them with hard work how they can have good things around them (sometimes I feel like I do all the hard work and they take advantage of it - how do I get them to pick up dirty clothes?? LOL) So my kids and house take up most of my hours in the day because this is what's most important in my life at this point in time.

#2 My business. I have great ideas for my business but I hold back because most of my time I give to my kids. Again my time will come soon enough to feed my business more. I give my business sometimes 30-35 hours a week. There isn't a day I haven't done something for L2S since I had the idea to open.

#3 Giving to family/parents. Getting older you realize the people around you won't always be here with us. Because our family's important we talk/feed our relationships with other people. It takes time to be a friend or good family member. If you care about the people around you - you better give them some of your 14 hours in the day. Feed it and it will grow... starve it and it dies. Feed the relationships that are most important to you because everyone and everything eventually dies. Enjoy your moments while you have them. Make the choice to give yourself smiles.

How I get the most out of my time.
I go down my to do list to see what things I HAVE to accomplish RIGHT NOW  and put the letter A next to it. The things I don't have to do right away but need to be done very soon I give it the letter B. And things I really want to do but I have plenty of time to do them in I give them a C. You do all your A things today, The B items become tomorrow's A things to do. You give yourself 4 weeks to do the C items but they do have to move up the list. If you don't do them in 4 weeks you have to remove them because it's not important to you or you would have done it.  When you do this you can see how much you can accomplish - use your time wisely and get tons done in your 14 hours so you can sleep well in your 8 hours given.

Remember - we only have these 24 hours right now.... feed it and it WILL GROW!

That's how I make it work with my precious moments given to me....
But I always strive to learn the lessons in the moment to make them better.... wondering when I've made my gold. I will probably realize this at my last breath how much gold I produced.

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy

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