Apr 8, 2010

Where do you spend $ on your fabric?

Many people buy their fabric from Walmart. I can tell when they buy it there from the tags on the fabric. It's true you can buy fabric for less there. Not that they have good fabric. 

I don't shop at Walmart. I feel we have power in numbers and we need to stop giving these companies our money who are getting so big. They take too much of the pie.

A good example is here. Go check it out. Look how fast Walmart has grown over the years. Just like there are powers in numbers in we the people they have power in numbers over our society and how we survive in it. 
Just thought I would share...
We do have power to the people if we only stood together and not let these corporations that are too big to fail like banks, car companies make record profits while we pay high prices for the basic needs of our day. When they get too big we need to stop giving them our money. 

For me I would much rather give Ann or a small business my money than Walmart.

OK - off my soap box now :)  Going to walk down to the studio to start my morning class.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. I must admit that I sometimes buy fabric from Walmart. There is one family owned store near me that I check out first, though. The next closest store that sells fabric is about 40 miles away. It's a Hobby Lobby. The closest JoAnns is over an hour away. But, I try not to buy from Walmart very often. Our town is so small.

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  3. I buy most of my fabric online from eBay sellers just because I can find some awesome fabrics online that I can't find in local stores. I do sometimes buy from Walmart because it's less expensive and very convenient, as there are a number of Walmart's I live and work near. But I prefer JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby, which are also convenient for me as well. However, there is a local craft store in the town I live in, Daisy Chain School and Craft Supply, which I try to buy a lot of fabric from in an attempt to support our local small town businesses. Plus, the owner of the store is a personal friend. Businesses struggle to stay in business in our town, so I do what I can to make purchases from them over bigger stores in surrounding cities. Daisy Chain is limited on fabric selections though, so I am not always able to get what I need from there. I am also huge on buying things made in the USA, as our country is getting way too much stuff from China. I have nothing against China, but too many Americans are losing jobs due to businesses shutting down because we get everything from China rather than from right here in the USA. I will gladly pay more for something that was made in the USA just to support our American workers and their jobs.
    Anyways...enough said...I agree with you Cindy...thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in your post!