Apr 18, 2010

Week in Review 4/18/10 - Sewing Zen

Do you know when your space isn't right it's hard to be creative, to follow the flow of your thoughts, to be in the moment? The space in which you sew will either bring out your best or cause much frustration. I now have a place of sewing zen with many beautiful things being created. The knowledge is flowing...

5 people attended the machine class.
4 people attended the cutting class cutting all clothing - 3 dresses and a skirt.
15 people made it to sewing class this week to sew children's clothing, jeans skirt, pencil skirt, a few tops, clothing alterations, maternity dress and a prom gown.

I switched my Technique Tuesday class with a cutting class because I didn't have one scheduled and I had people who wanted one sooner then I was offering. Tuesday's cutting class was my last 6-8pm class. I'm now leaving my students enough time to go through the 5 o'clock traffic to make it to class. It also gives me more time to finish up homework with the kids, cook dinner and wait for the daddy to arrive to take over the parenting.

There were many smiles as my students returned this week to sewing class to see my new surroundings. I did have a few finished products like Jamie's dog bed and some very close to being finished like Yasmin's jean skirt. Unfortunately I have to get in the habit of pulling out the camera. There were a few pictures taken.

Cindy's been coming to sewing class to work on toddler outfits for her niece. She started the pink top in class and did the red/white/blue one at home. She's working on the ruffle bloomers with the only thing left to do is run the elastic. She also has to do the buttonholes for the top and sew the buttons. These came out really cute and will look cute on her littlest family member. She probably would have this finished already if she didn't get sick for a few days and had to cancel one of her sewing classes.

Laura, who's standing at the ironing board is working on her vintage tunic top/dress to go along with the pants I showed you in last weeks review. She's taking her time to do everything right. She installed her neck facing and is working on her armholes. I gave her some homework to do because she owns her own machine. If she finishes she can install the zipper in the next class.

And behind her looking in the mirror is Kimberly who is making a maternity dress to wear to her baby shower. I gotta tell ya, fitting the baby belly is harder to do than you think. We have something funky doing on right at the bust line that you can see her messing with. She didn't like the gathers so we did some tucks instead. I think we're going to have to do another little tuck at the center front to get rid of some fabric to make her have some shape.

Charlisse, (isn't that a pretty name?) who's on the left, came to the machine class last week and cutting class Tuesday. She understands everything I teach her and is really picking up the art of sewing. She's like a sponge that absorbs everything. She picked up the machine real fast. When she came back to sewing class Saturday I didn't have to show her how to make a bobbin or thread the machine. I started her off on her top and kept an eye on her while I helped the other students. She really never needed my help except for a couple of steps. She was able to follow the pattern instructions with ease. I'm very impressed!

And Marta who is sitting on the right came to cutting class with Charlisse Tuesday to cut out a red pencil skirt. She's another student who is taking her time to make sure she learns every step of the process. She came to sewing class a couple of times this week. At the end of the first class we installed the zipper but she didn't like the way it came out so out it came. The second time it looked much better. We had to do some alterations for a better fit before we installed the waistband which she's working on now.

Scott returned to class to work on his prom gown. Did I tell you he's entering the JoAnn's Prom Gown Contest? Winner receives $50K. He's working on a vogue pattern that has many different shapes to it and takes a little thought process to understand how they want you to put the odd shapes together to make this beautiful two tone fabric strapless. (really wish I would have written down the pattern number or taken a picture of it but next time...) I'm so happy we are in my zen sewing studio because the juices were just flowing to be able to do what the instructions required. We got a lot accomplished in class with him installing a beauriful invisiable zipper. I really can't wait to finish this dress. I'm having as much fun with this project as Scott.

So you can see I took my camera out twice this week. One to take a few pictures at the same time. Hopefully I'll remember next week because so many students are very close to being done sewing. And I want to sew a few things next week too. The only sewing I did this week were to sew curtains for the front window WHICH I didn't take a picture of **LOL** My bad..

Zipper Class Technique Tuesday 6:30-8:30
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6:30-8:30pm
Sewing Thursday 10am - 2pm
Cutting Thursday 6:30-8:30pm
Cutting Friday 10am-12n
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Machine Saturday 10am-12n
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

Call to reserve your seats! Saturday's classes have been filling - you have to let me know at least 2 weeks a head of time if you want to come on Saturday's.

And on a parting note.... no one entered the Project Runway Contest. I'm amazed! I'll be posting about this soon.
Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. I love seeing your students and their projects. I can't believe no one entered your PR contest!