Apr 16, 2010

Premio Amigo Aretsano Award

My online friend Julia from Tennessee has passed on a blog award to me. The Premio Amigo Aretsano Award

I've been following Julia and her sewing adventures through her blog "Julia's sew sweet and special occasion for children" She makes beautiful children clothing and a few other things. I love see her creations when she makes them. She also shares a lot of her other talents with us. She's a good friend who ALWAYS leaves a comment to every post. Thank you Julia! :) 

The only thing I have to do with this award is to pass it on to 5 other people/blogs.
1. One of my students - Sam I am Photography. Samantha is learning to sew childrens clothing for her photo shoots. I love viewing the pictures she makes on her blog. If you're looking for a great Mothers Day Gift Samantha is holding sessions in the park on April 25 and May 2. Go check out her site if your interested. She takes amazing pictures.

2. Another student (well, she took my class last year and has moved to Atlanta) I sure hope Nani has kept up her sewing but I don't think she has a lot of time. She's a new mom. I love following her blog because she takes a picture a day and shares it on her blog Chocolate and Wine I love watching her little man grow.

3. The next blog I would like to share with you is Sew What Inc. Blog. This blog found me through passing along articles I receive through in my weekly Sewing Over The Wire post. I posted about this company and they got in touch with me when they saw their site on my blog in a news article that was published about them. Sew What Inc produces curtains for concerts and shows. They do beautiful work. Since I love going to concerts and am very entertained by the stage show I love seeing what they make and for who's tour they're making them for. Go check out how they work with different fabrics and the colors they turn when different lighting hits it.

4. Wardrobe Refashion is a blog that many people all over the world decide not to buy new clothing and only refashion cloths for how ever long they want to make the pledge. I get a lot of sewing ideas following this blog.

5. The last one is Project Runway Blog. This is where I get to follow along to one of my favorite TV shows. I feel like I'm backstage following this blog by getting inside scoops, recaps and anything having to do with past and present designers.

On a parting note and talking about Project Runway. I STILL HAVE NO ENTRIES TO MY CONTEST! OMG - no one wants free sewing classes. Really, I can't figure it out. If you are coming to one of my full sewing classes tomorrow and want to enter the contest tomorrow is the last day. If I get no entries poof goes the contest for this season and I'll try again for season 8

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. Of course I leave a comment on every post, because they are all so interesting. I checked out all of your award recipients and am going to be following them all, especially the one on refashioning and PR.

  2. thank u.....
    i love my thursdays with u!!!!!!!!!!