Apr 23, 2010

Make It Work - Part 1

Great words aren't they? Make it work.  That's what I feel like I do with everything in my life.

I thought I would start doing posts about what I do to try to be the best parent I can while following my dreams in opening a business of my passion, and how I try to make it all work to be as successful as I can. I want to do this because I love reading about the success of other people, to know we're all the same and to share my lessons learned with the next person. After all, I'm a teacher and love passing on my knowledge to others to see what they do with it. And because life is always teaching us lessons, we never stop learning. You never know where you will learn something that will help you in your life.

We can even use our life lessons in sewing. A few of them I pass along to both my kids and students are; you never stop learning. There are many places to gain your knowledge from a class, online, books, stores, tv, video's, blogs. Lessons are all around waiting for us to learn them. As many years as I've been sewing I'm always learning new techniques. Sometimes you don't remember how to do them because it's not a technique you do everyday so you refer to book and things for the details when you need them and know you can do the best you can because they have presented themselves to you in the past and each time you do it you get better. You don't start out making gold, you have to make mistakes to learn how to make the gold.  Another thing I teach in my sewing class is no matter how long you've been sewing you're not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It's learning from your mistakes so they don't happen as often but things are never perfect 100% of the time all the time, in life and in sewing. Don't get upset when bad things happen. Learn from the lessons being taught to you and do better the next time.

1998 Hollywood Beach

2000 Halloween Dean the Dog and Ally the Cat

The first thing you have to do to be successful is to set goals for yourself. How do you set goals? You decide what's important to you and what you desire the most. For me since it took me 18 years to have my babies, I'm mom first. I've always wanted to be a mom. I always knew since the days of my youth I would have kids but I didn't have the blessings of being a mom for many years. When I had my kids I gave them all my time, my everything. I was a stay at home mom. Because money is needed to survive in this society there came a time when I needed to have an income. I always knew I would be a business owner just never knew what kind of business. Then my friend asked me to teach her to sew. I can't tell you how that moment changed my life. I have to tell you this situation of following your passion has presented itself to me in the past for many years but until I was ready to put it to action did I really realize I could do this and be successful. I could be the best parent I can be to my children while following that thing given to me at birth, the passion of sewing.

I run my sewing classes the way I do so I can spend as much time with my children as I can while they're still young and need me. There will come a time when my time will be for me again but right now I only do 12 2 hour classes which means I'm teaching 24 hours a week, part time.  There are times when my schedule doesn't fit with my students schedule but I do this for my children. Some people ask me to add classes or more hours here and there. I will do this when my kids don't need me as much which will happen soon enough. Right now I'm just enjoying my time with them when I can.

Being a parent is the hardest most rewarding thing I've ever done. You never know if you're doing the right thing. And what works with one child doesn't always work with the next. You're always second guessing your decision, not knowing your successful moments until long after they happen. 

Making it work this week. I felt like a failure as a parent this week. Tuesday my daughter got sent home with lice. I was in lice hell doing treatments to both kids 2 to 3 times a day taking 2 hours each treatment. That was just the heads. Lets just say I got a real lesson this week on lice. I got rid of them today and little one was allowed back in school. That's right, she was out of school all week. Needles to say dealing with all this my fuse was very short. I said and acted ways with my kids I shouldn't have.  We teach our children how to be through our actions. You can really see this with little children. Your disciplinary words will fly out of their mouths one time or another when they get older. So you have to choose your words carefully when speaking to them. I still need to have a conversation with both kids to tell them I'm sorry for my short fuse.

I smashed my finger on my desk chair and desk removing some skin. Ouch. My kids ran over to me when it happened and threw their arms around me. I do the same thing for them when they get hurt.

Some classes didn't go the way I would like this week. After a few classes ended I said to myself "I wish I would have done this that way or said that to this student or handled things a different way."

So lets just say this week was not a good week for me with many lessons presenting themselves to me. It's my decision to accept their lessons and learn from the bad things so they don't happen as often. I have to say I enjoyed my time being in sewing studio heaven than being in lice hell home this past week. Sewing makes things all better for me.

Tomorrow is a busy day of sewing. More heaven passing my knowledge to others. Another day to work on being the best teacher I can be for my students by learning from my mistakes from my last few classes.

Part 2 of Making it work will be posted soon

Until next time, Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun, Cindy


  1. I like what you said about mistakes - "so we don't make them as often". I share your feeling that apologizing to our children being very important too. I think it lets them know that we are not perfect.

  2. This was such a great post--its important to be reminded of all these things. Looking forward to part 2:)

  3. If I could take back all the things I did and said that I felt guilty about with my kids.......oh my.... I can't imagine
    It sounds like you needed that hug from your kids. Here's one from me, too. ((HUGS))