Mar 18, 2010

The New Tween Room Makeover

I find myself with a few extra minutes (because my TV show isn't on boohoo) so I thought I would share the room makeover we did for my son for a birthday present last month.

You can go here to see what the room looked like before. The "under the sea" room I did for my son when he was 5 yrs old.

Now he is 12 (I guess they are calling themselves tweens these days) he wanted a more mature room.

For less than $200 we primed and painted the walls a country blue color and the shelves a country white I already had.
We took down the ceiling fan and install a light fixture with an dimmer switch. 

I couldn't buy the fabric for as cheap as I found the curtain panels at Target on clearance - along with the rods. 

You can see in the picture above the drawers of lego's my son loves to play with. He get's very creative and makes all kids of different things. Then he takes pictures (sometimes 200) and makes still motion movies which last seconds. 

I kind of crashed some his lego's moving things out of his room so he wasn't too happy with me. He needs to rebuild some of them. I've tried to break down the colors in each drawer so he can find the pieces easy when he wants. Then he has a set of shelves he can display his creations on.

I like using shower curtains for the closets because it's easy to hide all the mess behind them. As you can see I used brown for the curtains. I do love brown! it's my favorite color.

He is very happy with his new room and isn't ashamed to have new friends over. :) because at his age its all about friends.

Parting note: 2 more days left of teaching classes before I move over all the implements of sewing construction over to the new location. It's funny how the last week has gone. Usually students will blow off a class and say "I'll go next week". Well, this week all my classes have been full because people are saying to themselves "she's going to be closed for 2 weeks, I better go to sewing class".

I have a few pictures from the past weeks to share. I hope to do it soon... very soon. Some great things have been made the past couple of weeks with one student wanting to learn how to do a welt pocket as her very first project. I tried to talk her out of it but she did a great job with tons of patience.

I'm so proud of many of my students how they embrace the art of sewing. It's a wonderful world to explore... one that has brought me many rewards and smiles.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. What a transformation!!! I can imagine that he is one happy kiddo!!! What a great mom he has!!!