Feb 13, 2010

Week in Review - Slowing down for Love

Not many people attended class this week with the Miami Boat Show, Coconut Grove Art Festival and Renaissance Festival  going on around town this weekend and the Super Bowl hangover from last weekend. With the week being slow in attendance it still passed quickly. And ~ Can you feel the love in the air with Valentines Day tomorrow?

3 people attended the machine class
4 people came to the cutting class
14 people attended sewing class sewing skirts, dresses, king size bed dust ruffle, baby clothes and toddler clothes.

The dust ruffle is coming along nicely. We've added all the sides of the skirt together, put a gather line at the top and hemmed the bottom. The only thing Cynthia has to do is put the fitted sheet on her bed to pin the ruffle to. This is the only way she's going to be able to make sure it hangs straight. If she brings it back in I'll take a picture of it. I'm not sure if she's going to need help sewing the last stitch all the way around the bed or she can do it herself at home. This project sure is growing large as we stitch all the fabric together.

Daniele, who pick a really hard fabric to work with making a knit black dress came to class a couple times this week to work on a much easier top. She's using a jersey that has no stretch this time. The first time she pressed a seam in this fabric she smiled because she knew it would come together with less effort than her last project.

I get a lot of students who want to start business. I have a student Christina who's come in a couple of time to learn how to make lunch boxes and place mats for children. She's got a great idea to tie in children's books, recipes and cute little table accessories to teach kids about good eating. She also has characters she's going to bring them all together with. I love how creative some people can be. 

Sorry to say I don't have many pictures to share this week. It's been a crazy week with some great news to share. (more about that in a minute)

Lydia came in today get help on a few projects she's working on. She's almost finished with this cute little lightweight red cotton skirt. She installed the zipper in class and the waistband. The only thing she needs to do is the hem and closure at the top of the zipper. She also worked on replacing an invisible zipper in a dress and a zipper in a jacket.

Friends Erin and Jennell returned to class today. Erin's almost done with the toddler top to go along with the pants she made a couple of weeks ago. Jennell finished her dog coat for Kitty. She said Kitty hates having it on and won't move when she's wearing it... LOL. She cut a dress for herself last week and started sewing it today.

For everyone who' covered with snow this is one nice thing about living in South Florida this time of year everything stays green as you can see in the picture.

Scott came in to work on his purple dress. He did his very first welt pocket. It came put much better than I did taking a picture.

I have to say this pattern is a challenge to figure out how they are telling you to construct. He's doing Vogue V1088. There isn't a pattern review on this pattern that I can find. He's already put 14 hours in construction on this dress. He has the bodice done and we almost have the skirt finished. The only thing left to do is attach them at the waistline, buttons and hem. I hope to have a picture of this finish dress soon. I am very proud of Scott for taking his time to get things right on this design.

This picture is from last week. I wasn't able to share it with you since I didn't have an internet connection.  Sam used an old sheet she found at the thrift store to copy a halter top of her daughters to make a dress. It has two casings of elastic running at the top with a little tie going from center front to wrap around the neck to tie. She cut the top stripes one direction and the bottom (skirt) another. She did finish this project before she left class but I didn't get a picture of it.

The thing that made me a little crazy this week...
Ask and you shall receive.  I have been wanting for a long time to have my business near Jo Ann's Fabrics. When I had to move my business last year there was nothing affordable open. A few weeks ago several store fronts came available.

I made the call this week to find out about the rent info. I was given such great news that I'm going to move again at the end of March. I'm so excited about this news. If we need something for class to make our projects and we don't have it all we have to do is walk across the street. And.. I only live a couple of blocks away so I can walk back and forth since I hold classes a couple of times during the day not to mention home for lunch.

The unit needs some work but I'll be given some free months rent to do the labor. It's going to be hard work to move again but all worth it in the end. I'm very excited and hope to sign a lease next week and give a 30 day notice where I'm at now.

Next week classes:
Darts, Gathers, Pleats for Technique Tuesday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm (no evening class due to it's my little mans and my birthday - we share the day)
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Machine Thursday 6-8pm
Machine Friday 10am-12noon
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10am-12noon
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

Next week I'm going to share a room make over I'm doing for my son for his birthday. When he was 5yrs old I did an Under the Sea room for him. He's going to be 12 and wants his room painted. Bye Bye Spongebob and Patrick.

Hopefully I can get some sewing in next week because I wasn't able to work on any of my projects last week.

I hope your Valentines Day is filled with much love and you enjoy your day off Monday for Presidents Day.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. That's so exciting about your new space! Congratulations! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the lease signing goes well. :)

  2. Great mews! You couldn't have a better location than one close to a JoAnns and close to home!!! I'm very happy for you. Your students' work is wonderful. Love the dog jacket!!!