Feb 24, 2010

A new top to my collection - Simplicity 3790

A real quick post before class starts.

I get to do my sewing in bits and pieces meaning 15 minutes here and there before or after class.

I was able to finish this top today making a few changes to it.

First, I've been into baggy clothing because I want to hide as much as this overgrown body as I can. I made this a little too big and had to take it in a few places... which is all ok with me.

One thing I wish I would have done was to take out some of the fabric at the front where the fronts cross, the inlay is attached and both layers of the bottom band is sewn on. This is 5 layers of fabric so you can imagine how bulky it is around the front.
  Some of my changes were to take out some from the neckline because it was huge around the back. I did this by taking in the shoulder seam 1 1/2" on each seam.

Then I took in the front neckline inlay by doing a little tuck.

I added some elastic to the bottom band because I wanted it closer to the body (OK, I had to take it in a bit LOL)
Here is the back view.

One reason why I wanted to sew this was to try out a new stay tape. Or at least new to me. I've never used it before. You sew it in the seam. Usually I just cut strips of interfacing to press in the seam to stabilize while sewing. I don't think I would use this again. It's kind of itchy inside even though I cut it out. I'll see how it washes.

I have another top cut with about an hour into it. Since I only had one person come to class this morning I was able to get a few seams and darts done.

I need to eat dinner then get myself to the studio for a 6pm class...and it raining :) Never a dull moment...

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. I like this top. I love the color!! I also like that its loose fitting. I would like wearing it! I wish you had more time to sew for yourself!