Feb 10, 2010

Life with no Internet

Did you miss me? Last week this happened to my only way to get online at home and at the sewing studio. 

I carry my internet card around with me along with my laptop back and forth a couple of times a day. It's taking a beating over the year when I first got this service because I wanted to save money thus getting rid of all other online services (ATT) at home and ended up with this service. Last Friday the end of my internet card pulled right out.

So here's the gig with this internet service. It allows me only 5G of service each month and if you go over it's $.10 per meg. It's $65 a month and when we've gone over (the whole family uses it) it's sometimes an extra $40. Way too much to pay for online service even if it is mobile. I have a year left in my contract with $100 to break my contract. I do have insurance on the device with a $50 deductible. Question when this broke - did I want to keep this service?
So I started looking for other ways and found datajack.com. It's $40 a month unlimited and only $150 to buy the device with the first month included. Great deal right? I went to about 10 places to buy the device. No one had them and you can't get them online because they are backed ordered. So this isn't going to happen right now but I'm switching over to this service as soon as I can.

So since my laptop is getting beat up going back and forth I decided to get a mini laptop to carry in my purse. While I was out on my adventures finding a new internet card I decided to give myself an early (next week) birthday present. Between my cash stash and the daddy's cash stash I was able to buy this little guy. And I just love it.

It has wireless internet (my big laptop wireless broke a few weeks ago) which allowed me to sit at starbucks to at least check my mail to keep up with my business. I love this little guy. It doesn't have much to it but if you need it to write docs or go online it's perfect. It doesn't have much memory, cd rom and a few other things you're used to having. You have to use all external hookups to do things. But its perfect to toss in your purse. It's kind of like having a bigger cell phone that doesn't ring.

I'll tell ya, We sure do wrap our lives around the internet. I can't run my business without it and found out real quick how important it is to me to be able to bring in an income. Not only that but I haven't been able to keep up with all my online friends. I have over 100 blog post on my reader. Don't think I'll be reading them since I have so much to catch up with other things. And I haven't been able to share with all of you about what's going on at the studio which means I'm going to be doing a few post the next couple of days to get everything out that's on my mind.

I'm so happy to be connected again so my life can get back to normal..... ok..somewhat normal LOL

AND ~ The Super Bowl was GREAT! We could see the blimp and fireworks in the air from where we live - we're about 7 miles away from the stadium. I totally enjoyed watching that game, halftime show and all the commercials. After having a stressful weekend with this internet thingy it was nice to chill and enjoy the moments....

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. I want to be the first. I want to be the first. I want to be the first to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" although early!
    I really want one of those baby computers. I've had my eye on the Acer netbook. I can just see me pulling it out of my purse. Hope you enjoy yours!