Jan 2, 2010

Week in Review 1/2/10 Young Designes

The sewing studio was closed this week but I wasn't able to take any time off.

Monday the new carpet got measured and items moved for the new a/c unit installation.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent pulling down ceiling tiles and installing the new ac. Wednesday night everything got moved to one side of the room.

Thursday (the last day of the year) the carpet was installed. I don't have any pictures of sewing projects but I do have a picture of my new carpet LOL. After the carpet guy did one side of the room I had to move the furniture and the side of the room with the new carpet while he installed the other half of the room. It took 4 hours to install the carpet. Then I had to set up the classroom again so it was ready for my class this morning.  The family brought in the new year with the kids staying up longer than the parents. I was tired from moving furniture all day.

Friday was spent riding bikes on the beach until it started to rain. Then it was home to watch the rest of the outdoor hockey game and a little of FSU football before the adults fell asleep again while the kids stayed up late. It's nice to be off from school :)

This morning I had a full machine class - almost. A husband came in to buy his wife a gift certificate, enrolled her to the class and forgot to tell her about it. She called to reschedule right before class started. And I had another student who ended up in the emergency room last night and had to reschedule.

I did have someone wonderful attend my machine class this morning that I'm a little in awe over. His name is Christopher, he's 10yrs old and want's to become a designer. He's mom also bought him a gift certificate to learn to sew and came to class with him today. She told me when we first talked he was already working with a fashion teacher on drawing and illustration. At the end of class they pulled out his portfolio and my jaw just dropped open. I could not believe what this 10yr old had already accomplished. And now I get to teach him how to put together with fabric what he has on paper. I can't tell you how excited I am to teach him. He will be attending class with his mother because he is young and will need to be guided with what I teach him. And his mother can learn too. I can't wait to see how he works with fabric. If it's anything like his drawings and designs OMG...just wait! I'm "sew" excited for him and his future.

I only had one person come to sewing class this afternoon. Ariela was the second place winner of my PR contest. She's in high school and has entered a fashion show her school is putting on. I taught her how to take one of her drawings and make a pattern today. It was a skirt so it was easy to make a pattern in a couple of hours with the measurements of her model.She already has 2 outfits done for the fashion show. She has 2 more to go.

Next week is a full week of classes- no classes are full as far as attendance of yet but they will be as soon as everyone get's over their holiday hangover and itching to get back to the machines.
Sewing Monday 6-8pm
Cutting Tuesday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6-8pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Machine Thursday 6-8pm
Machine Friday 10am-12n
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10am-12n
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

I do love having preteens and teens attending class to learn to sew. Most of them want to be designers. And all are great at sewing. I know they are going to have many smiles in their future with sewing a part of it.

Hope everyone had a happy safe New Year!  I can't wait to start sewing again! Next on my list is pants - then I'm working on tops.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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