Jan 21, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Advanced Sewing Classes

Starting in February I will be running Advanced Sewing Classes to teach technique only. Zippers, Seams and pockets - OH MY!

When someone wants to learn the art of sewing they must learn how to use the machine first. Then they have to learn how to cut the fabric for their project. The last thing you learn is how to sew the cut pieces to make your something special. These are called sewing techniques. The more you use these techniques the better you get at sewing. Sewing techniques haven't changed since I started sewing over 35 years ago. Once you learn technique the possibilities are endless what you can sew.

Most of my classes are geared towards making a sewing project of the students choice. After you do a couple of patterns and learn the process of basic sewing you want to learn different techniques. This is advanced sewing that can be applied to many different areas of sewing.

Every Tuesday from 6-8pm I'll be teaching: zippers, finished seams, darts, gathering, using elastic, pockets, how to use your different pressure feet, fabric variations and interfacing. I also want to do a series of fitting classes that will last one to two weeks.

I think this will be fun to teach and I know many of my students are ready for more advance things. So many of them have been coming in for a couple of years learning different things. There's so much more I want to teach them that sometimes a finished sewing project can't offer.

You can enroll here to any Technique Tuesday Class.  It's only $30 - you bring your own supplies and material. - list given at time of enrollment.

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Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. Great idea! You are so innovative in your ever evolving business.