Jan 6, 2010

An EASY way to make a sewing pattern

There's many different levels we can take our sewing to. You can take the time to learn the art of pattern making to make your patterns or you can just use something you already have, rip it apart with your seam ripper and use that to make your new garment.

I did this with pants that fit me well. I wanted more of them. Like when you go to the store and find something you like - you buy it in every color. Well I like to do the same thing with my sewing. Use the same pattern and make it in different fabrics. I've already made these pants a few times. It's time to make a pattern that takes up less room than fabric ripped apart.

I like to use medical paper they use on the exam beds at the doctors office as pattern paper. It works great and you can see through it when you need it.

When I make my patterns I roll out the paper on top of a cardboard cutting board. I place the pulled apart ripped pieces of fabric on top of the paper. I poke the straight pins in the cardboard to hold the fabric and trace around the edges of the fabric.

Now remember when you do this, your garment you've pulled apart normally used a serger which cuts off part of the seam so if you don't want to add seam allowance all the way around each peace you can just make smaller seams when constructing this again. You might want to make a note on your patter pieces after you make them to use 1/2" seams.

Don't forget to mark what each piece is - give it a pattern name, and your grainline arrow on each pattern. Write your words in the direction of the pattern piece in case you're using directional fabric you'll know what the up and down is.

Another thing you want to mark are your pocket placement, fly, darts and anything needed for sewing.

You can do this by placing tracing paper under the fabric and marking the paper with the tracing wheel. You can also place a pins in the places you want to mark, lift up the fabric and mark where the pins are inserted in the fabric. - A couple of different ways of marking.

I made a pattern from my old tan pants. Not having much time left, I wanted to cut out a different style out of pant out of the fabric instead of making a pattern. I will make a pattern at a later time.

Again, lay out your fabric and place the pulled apart pieces on top. Poke your pins in to hold the fabric in place. Because these use to be shorts I want to make them pants, I took my tan pants (because I knew how long I needed them) and lined the inseam up. I did the same thing with the side seams. Using my handy dandy tailors chalk I drew my cut lines on the fabric.

And that my friends is how you can make an easy patter out of something you already like but fell apart on you because you wore it so often.

Now all I need to do is sew them up. I hope to get some hours in the next couple of days. More pictures soon - maybe in the week in review.

Parting note: it sure is cold here today 39 out 60 in the studio. I'm trying to warm it up a little with a small floor heater. Hopefully when the class arrives in a few minutes it will warm up in here with all of us moving around.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. I have an old pair of jeans that I love, holes and all. Maybe I'll take them apart and try this method. Thank you.