Jan 31, 2010

Week in Review 1/31/10 - Football in SoFlo

With the Pro Bowl today and the Super Bowl next week South Florida is a football party place right now. You can go to any city close to the beach and there's events happening. Ft. Lauderdale beach looks like it did back in the day when all the college students would come here for spring break. It's a slow ride down A1A. My city of Hollywood had a big party downtown with NFL players last night.

This past week at L2S ended the month of top contest with two winners Belen and Isabel both receiving 10 hours of sewing class. Congratulations to you both!

8 people attended the machine class.
4 people came to cutting class to start their sewing projects
20 people came to sewing class making dresses, fur pillows, duvet cover, fixing a sail cover (not sure what you call it) for a sailboat, toddler clothing, dog jacket, shorts, pants, tote bag and learning alterations
Let me start off by saying I wish I would write down the pattern numbers my students use. This is something I'm going to get better at doing. One thing I did do this week was take pictures. I have many to share.
Daniele made a knit black dress as her first project. It wasn't easy fabric to cut or sew with it's curling at the edges. I told her through the whole process not to have high exceptions for her first project but I think her little black dress came out great. She brought in some trim with her. She hasn't decided what she's going to use or how she wants to use them so we just wrapped it around like a belt for the pictures.

Sam who does photography (go check out her work because she is amazing) wants to sew clothing for her photo shoots. She's been doing some sewing at home but just needs a little help on technique. She came to class Friday afternoon and we had these pants made in an hour and half. She used an old sheet to make them. She's been doing thrifting to find her fabrics to use. She has some great ideas for bright color fabrics she's found in all kinds of recycled things.

Isabel (one of the month of tops winners) made this little dress as her first project. She's picked it up and put it down to work on other projects but this week we got to finish it. The pink zipper doesn't look that great in the picture from the inside but when her little neice wears it you will never see the zipper from the outside. She emblished it with a pin flower that can be taken off and put in other areas of the dress, hat or anywhere the little one wants to put it.
Sally is a friend of Belen (one of the month of tops winner) They both are 13yrs old and go to school together. More friends sewing together. Sally finished her shorts she's been working on. In this project she learned how to install a fly zipper, how to do carriers which she found out were belt loops and how to install a waistband. These shorts fit her perfect and can be worn right now since we are having warmer weather. This was her 4th sewing project. 
  Erin came in with her friend Jennell last week to cut their first sewing projects. Jennell's making a dog coat and Erin's sewing a toddler outfit with a gifted pattern and fabric. Pants are real easy to make so I suggested we startd with them. She was able to make them in the 2 hour class. We cut the size 6. The pants look a little big to me in the picture but like always after she does a fitting it will be very easy to take them in a little. But then again sometimes kids like big baggy pants. You never know. Next week she will be working on the top. Jennell's almost finished with her dog coat with pictures to come next week.
This is Brad working on his pants. Sometimes you have sewing mojo and sometimes you don't. We were able to install the fly zipper and work on the side seams. It seemed like every stitch he made in class this week he had to pull out. This is him working with his perfection tool. I can only imagine what he's thinking to himself "I have to pull it out AGAIN!" He's real good with his perfection though. There have been times when we've said "lets just move on. 
So, He's making Burda 7768. The measurements were way off because his pants are huge on him. We got this far, he did a fitting and WOW. I really wish I had done a tissue fitting with him before we cut out but .. one of those times when you wish you could go back in time. He's decided he's going to make them for his father. Since he is going to give them to his father I'm glad we decided not to add all the pockets the pattern called for. Brad wasn't ready to do the welt pocket so we elimitated them. He does have his own machine so I gave him homework finishing his seams.  
Saving the best for last is our little designer Christopher. He made this skirt as his first project. He learned how to do gathering, insall a zipper and how to install a waistband.

Yesterday in class we worked on sewing together big square pouches to carry his artwork in. We're basically making big envelopes with batting to protect his is drawings while traveling. Christopher's learning the art of sewing but he has mastered illistration and drawings. He does amazing work. Some of his artwork is for sale. I'll have to get some information about that to share with you. 
I didn't have any time to do my own sewing this week. My projects are still in their baskets waiting for me. I hope to have some free time next week.

Next week's classes:
Zippers Tuesday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6-8pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Machine Thursday 6-8pm
Machine Friday 10am-12n
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10am-12n
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

On a parting note to end the month of January, I didn't get that many people bringing in their new machines they got as a holiday gift to learn in the machine class. Usually I'm moving all of my machines to make room for the students. We used my machines a lot this past month. Could it be the economy and people not wanting to put out a few hundred dollars right now? We're all cutting back..... and so many people need jobs here in SoFlo. Hopefully the Supper Bowl will help some people.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 30, 2010

Top Contest Winner"s"

Success comes with trying different things and continue doing the things that work. Some things don't work but you never know until you try them.

After watching the month of tops blog and having fun seeing what everyone made, I had an idea to run a top contest. Tops are very easy to make. Sometimes you can make them in a couple of hours. My hope was to get my students to come to class during the month of January to make tops. Lots and lots of tops.

Well, sometimes things don't go as you want. I only had two students who made tops during January, Belen, and Isabel. They both made 2 each so they both win the 10 hours of sewing class. 

Congratulations you guy!

Belen came to class a couple of weeks ago to start the top on the dress form. She was excited to play the contest because she really wanted to win the 10 hours of sewing class. We got as far as the bodice and never got around to adding the bottom of the blouse during that class. 

She came to class today with the same pattern cut out of different fabric. She had to do a little of work on the first top to finish it before she could start the second one (the one she's wearing). 

She only had 3 hours in class today to finish. I really didn't think she was going to get it done but much to my surprise at the end of class it was complete and we were taking this picture. 

This student really does have sewing inside her. The first time she came to learn how to use the machine in the machine class and I had her sewing squares and circles. The more stitches she made the more she had a glow about her. Oh, did I tell you she's only 13 years old? 

As I told her mother today, I'm so excited for her because I know this will be with her the rest of her life. When sewing is inside you like it is Belen, you carry it with you for a lifetime.

In 4 hours Isabel made her two blouses. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her first top she made a couple of weeks ago in a 2 hour class. It was a t shirt made out of knit. Knits are not easy for someone who's just starting out in sewing. She brought down her perfection level some so I could show her how to construct the garment. 

Her second blouse was a copy of one she already had. She made her own pattern and to make this cute top in no time at all.

I suggested she get another fabric to add to the bottom of the sleeves to give it a more professional look than an everyday sporty kind of look it has now. So off to the fabric store for her to buy a little trim. We'll add this next week when she returns to class.

It would have been fun to have more people playing but hey..it's great for the two who did play.  I don't think I'll be running another contest like this one...but... you never know , I just might LOL
Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 26, 2010

Tampa Sewing Expo - Feb 18,19 &20

The Tampa Sewing Expo is 3 weeks away.
Tampa Convention Center
333 S. Franklin St.
Tampa, FL 33602 800-426-5630
Exhibit Hall Hours
Thursday & Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:30pm

General Admission 
General Admission is $8 in advance of the Expo (through February 9th) and $10 at the door. Register for a Value Package and receive FREE General Admission for each day of the Expo. Children 12 and under admitted at no charge when accompanied by an adult. Click here for complete pricing information.

Classes are $19 per session. Check Class Descriptions to determine number of sessions for each class. Register for Value Package A (minimum 5 sessions) and save $38 or Value Package B (minimum 9 sessions) and save $59! Value Package includes FREE General Admission for each day of Expo and a FREE shopping bag. Click here for complete pricing information.
How to Register    Pre-registration deadline is February 9, 2010
  • Online 
    Our new easy-to-use website allows you to register using real-time inventory. It's easy, secure and reliable!  (VISA or MasterCard)

  • Call 800-699-6309
    Monday 10:00am-7:00pm ET and Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm ET 
    (VISA or MasterCard)

  • At the Expo
    Beginning at 8:00am on Thursday, February 18, 2010
    Pre-registration pricing does not apply.  (Cash, Check, VISA or MasterCard)

As much as I like to, I'm not going to be able to attend. It just so happens to be my little man's birthday. He can't have his mom away on his birthday. Epically since we share the same Birthday. I waited 18 years to have a baby and I was blessed with a gift on the day I was born. We share something very special him and I.

I want to put the word out if there's a group of people who would like to drive together from South Florida just let me know and I'll spread the word.

And I know Gwen is going to be there with her "How much fabric" cards so keep a look out for her booth and pick yourself up some of these great charts.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 25, 2010

Sewing Over The Wire 01/25/10

This is a weekly series where I share sewing news I receive with you. Enjoy your reading.

Project Runway:
Project Runway: Season 7 Premiere
Reality TV Magazine
Thu, 21 Jan 2010
Project Runway is back with the premiere of a new season as Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the gang are going back to their roots in
New York. With 16 new contestants fighting for a chance at having their line launched with a $50k tech suite and $100k from Loreal, let the sewing wars begin.

Project Runway: Beautiful Burlap
Reality TV Magazine
Thu, 21 Jan 2010 21:25 PM PST
Tonight on an all new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime, our 15 remaining contestants sew it out in a battle of the burlap! We start to see drama unfold and personalities begin to clash as surprises are thrown at the contestantsâ¦who will be able to hold up under the pressure and who is ready

Sewing History:
From Buggy Whips to Computer Chips: Janome America Celebrates 150 Years of Sewing
Tue, 19 Jan 2010
MAHWAH, NJ--(Marketwire -
January 19, 2010) - 150 years of evolution is a long time for any industry. In 1860, the Pony Express was established; written communication has certainly come a long way since then. At the same time, clipper ships transformed Trans-Atlantic travel, shortening the sometimes months-long journey to fourteen days. A fourteen-day ocean cruise is now considered a luxury ...

About People:
Artist uses needle, thread and fabric to create museum-quality, original images
The Patriot Ledger
Thu, 21 Jan 2010
For the past 20 years, Virginia Fresina, a mother and homemaker, has found fulfillment in sewing art for the world to see. Her studio is in

Holmes Valley Quilters
Chipley Bugle
Sat, 23 Jan 2010
The first meeting of the new year for the Holmes Valley Quilters Guild was held January 21. During "Sew-N-Tell" everyone shared what they had been working on over the past month.

Winning design for Community Belle Dress contest revealed
The Wilmington Star-News
Sat, 23 Jan 2010
By Amanda Greene Amanda.Greene@StarNewsOnline.com It's taken three months, about 1,000 votes, 16 yards of organza and cotton and 16 hours of sewing to complete the StarNews-sponsored dress for the 2010 Azalea Festival.

Fonder offers quilt space
The Argus Leader
Sun, 24 Jan 2010
Fonder's Quilt'n Corner will open this week right next to Fonder Sewing Machine Co
. at 2130 W. 41st St. The new space has a large classroom with a longarm quilting machine in it to allow for Fonder's to have more events and larger classes. The business will offer certification courses in using a longarm, which is a sewing machine with a frame to do larger quilts. Once people are certified ...

Economy Related:
Production Resuming at Hanesbrands Inc. Contract Sewing Operations in Haiti as Company Donates an Additional $2.2 ... Finanzen.net Fri, 22 Jan 2010
Hanesbrands Inc. (NYSE: HBI) today announced that production has resumed at its Haitian contract sewing operations affected by the Jan. 12 ...

4-H leaders worry about future of program
Star Beacon
Fri, 22 Jan 2010
The 218 volunteers with the countyâs 4-H Club program are on pins and needles these days, and itâs not because they lead sewing clubs.

Giving Back:
The million pillowcase challenge
Laramie Boomerang
Wed, 20 Jan 2010
Quilters in Laramie are wielding their sewing machines
in the name of charity this weekend, joining a national movement that aims to create a million pillowcases in 2010.

Making a difference with comforting covers for kids
Portland Tribune
Thu, 21 Jan 2010
A sewing machine brigade invaded Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Monday for an action-packed day of service honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. An army of nearly 100 volunteers tirelessly worked to sew, pin, trim, tie-off and decorate scores of homemade blankets. Their mission was to help ...

Woman and friends make quilts for Haiti victims
Fri, 22 Jan 2010
For almost half her life, 66-year-old Betty Ekle has made dozens of friends in a club of women who sew weekly. ``We share tips and inspiration,'' said Ekle, who lives in
Miramar but travels to North ...

Senior Sewers provide warmth and comfort
Valencia County News-Bulletin
Sat, 23 Jan 2010
The Del Rio Senior Sewers of Belen are generous hearted local women who use their sewing skills to provide quilts to soldiers, Blue Star mothers, the terminally ill, fire victims, and victims of domestic abuse. They have even given quilts to senators and visiting dignitaries.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 23, 2010

Week in Review - Celebrating MLK and Sewing Friends

This week started off by celebrating Martin Luther King on Monday with the kids off of school for a couple of days. 

When you ask for things they are given to you. I was given a slow week this week. After throwing my back out on Sunday and spending a couple of days doing no sitting I decided to take a little off my plate by no longer doing Monday night classes. No one signed up to the cutting class on Tuesday thankfully because it gave me another day to recover.

8 people attended the machine class
3 people came to cutting class to cut a toddler top and pants, dog coat and a dress
14 people attended sewing class constructing dresses, vest, blouse, toddler coat, skirts, pants

I've been getting a lot of friends attending class together lately. One set of friends started sewing their dresses they cut out last week in class. Both patterns said easy but one is a 2 hour easy and the other is more like a 6 hours of sewing easy. This cute little dress was made in 2 hours. It's fun to come to class and make something in a couple of hours. In 2 hours her friend was able to make the front of the bodice of pattern Simplicity 2884 which has been made about 8 times in class all made out of different fabric. It's a cute little halter dress. Only once have I had two different students bring in the same pattern with the same fabric at different times. It was a little freaky.

Kerry came in a few weeks ago to make a cute little baby cap. (go check it out and come back) She came back this week to work on a coat to match using Simplicity 2668 view E. She already made little shoes to complete the outfit and brought them to class to show me. They were so cut and she did a great job sewing them I just had to take a picture to share. She also made a purple dress to go under the coat which I haven't see yet. From head to toe her little niece is going to have a brand new outfit.

Another set of friend came to cutting class this morning. One of them is driving almost an hour to attend class. I'm thankful all the time people want to drive that far to take my sewing class. They learned how to cut out a toddler top and pants with a pattern and fabric that was given as a gift and a fleece dog coat with a cute little collar and sleeves on it. These two are going to have fun sewing their projects together next week. Oh did I mention they are both teachers? Sewing is a nice down time when you teach kids. 

My 10 year old little guy Christopher came in today to finish is skirt. I was real bad and didn't take a picture of it or him sewing it. I'm so proud of this kid. He's learned so much already. We talked about different pleats and collars today. He knows all the names of the different styles. It's just too cute to have a fashion and style conversation with a 10 year old boy.

Brad also came to class today to work on his pants. I gave him homework last week to sew his back pocket to his pants. He came back today with beautiful straight edge stitching around his pockets. We worked on his front pockets in class today and the fly zipper. Next week we can put the fronts and backs together.  Hopefully I can remember to take some pictures of his pants also.

I was able to cut out my next two projects. Simplicity 3790 view A. I cut it out of purple knit with a white inlay. I also cut out Simplicity 3936 view B. I could sew view A with the darts or view B with no darts. I'll decide this later when I go to sew it.

Cutting isn't the fun part of the sewing process for me. When I have all my implements of cutting I always cut out a few projects. This way when I have time to sew them they are ready. 

One way to keep all projects your working on together is to put them in a basket. You can leave your zippers, buttons, thread and bobbins already made in the basket. Give yourself 3-5 baskets. Tell yourself that you must empty a basket before you can start another project. This way you don't have so many UFO's (unfinished projects) hanging around. And nothing you need for your project gets lost in the process of sewing it.

Next week classes
Machine Tuesday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6-8pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Cutting Thursday 6-8pm
Cutting Friday 10am-12n
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Machine Saturday 10am - 12n
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm
Seats available to any class you want to attend.

I hope to get at least one blouse sewn next week if my plan comes together. You never know..... :)

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 21, 2010

Technique Tuesday - Advanced Sewing Classes

Starting in February I will be running Advanced Sewing Classes to teach technique only. Zippers, Seams and pockets - OH MY!

When someone wants to learn the art of sewing they must learn how to use the machine first. Then they have to learn how to cut the fabric for their project. The last thing you learn is how to sew the cut pieces to make your something special. These are called sewing techniques. The more you use these techniques the better you get at sewing. Sewing techniques haven't changed since I started sewing over 35 years ago. Once you learn technique the possibilities are endless what you can sew.

Most of my classes are geared towards making a sewing project of the students choice. After you do a couple of patterns and learn the process of basic sewing you want to learn different techniques. This is advanced sewing that can be applied to many different areas of sewing.

Every Tuesday from 6-8pm I'll be teaching: zippers, finished seams, darts, gathering, using elastic, pockets, how to use your different pressure feet, fabric variations and interfacing. I also want to do a series of fitting classes that will last one to two weeks.

I think this will be fun to teach and I know many of my students are ready for more advance things. So many of them have been coming in for a couple of years learning different things. There's so much more I want to teach them that sometimes a finished sewing project can't offer.

You can enroll here to any Technique Tuesday Class.  It's only $30 - you bring your own supplies and material. - list given at time of enrollment.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 20, 2010

Project Runways Carol Hannah's Eye Candy - FUN!

After Project Runway Season 6 ended I found Carol Hannah's website. And guess what? SHE BLOGS!  

She doesn't post often but when she does you can see the eye she has for beauty. She also now shares workspace with the cutie Logan.

Today she shared with us one of her designs in a tutorial. You have to go check it out! It's a beautiful dress that took hours to pin I'm sure.

Check out her website and blog. It's fun -
She's also doing a blog on Lifetime for Project Runway Season 7.

Thought I would share ~ Now go look at her new design!

Time to go get in the carpool line at school. Never a dull moment!

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 19, 2010

Monday Night Classes

I try to offer as many classes as I can to accommodate everyone's schedules. But there's times when I offer so many classes that some classes have few or no enrollment. Because Wednesday evening sewing classes have been slow I've decided to no longer offer Monday night sewing classes.

There's also another reason why I'm no longer going to work on Monday night. I have so much on my plate and feel like I can't get everything accomplished for my business and home with the 24 hours given to me. I've been sick a lot the past 6 months. When I get sick and can't do everything on my plate things back up on me. When things back up I feel stressed out trying to get everything accomplished. When I get stressed I get sick. Can you see the circle I'm in?
This week on my day off (Sunday) my back decided to go out on me ~ more stress. I had to cancel my class last night (Monday). I didn't have anyone enrolled to class tonight so it gave me some time to not do a thing, put ice on my back and lay in bed and rest. My house didn't get cleaned or the never ending laundry done.

The kids have been out of school the past few days. It seems like my body knows when to get sick or give out on me when I'm not working (was sick Thanksgiving and part of their winter break last month) but it's not right for my kids to have to stay home with me while I recover from putting so much on my plate while they have time off from school. I wanted to take them to the skate park yesterday and do a walk but I was in too much pain - hopefully we can do it today. I'm moving around a wee bit better today. I still don't want to overdue it because my classes are starting to fill up for the week and I need to be able to move around the classroom without any pain.

I also have plans for Tuesday night classes starting in February. I'm going to have a Technique Night where I will be teaching different sewing techniques each week. Stay tuned for more information about this.

So, when things don't work change them. Things haven't been working for me with my body giving out. I have to listen to what my body is telling me...thus I must change things. No More Monday Night Class....

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Sewing Over The Wire 01/19/10

This is a weekly series where I share sewing news I receive with you. Enjoy your reading.

Project Runway:
Brother International Corporation Named Exclusive Sewing And Embroidery Licensee Of Project Runway Season Seven
Fri, 15 Jan 2010
Returning as the Exclusive Sewing and Embroidery Licensee for the popular fashion reality television show, season seven marks the companyâs fourth year as a licensee. (PRWeb
Jan 15, 2010) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010ProjectRunwaySewing/1/prweb3451344.htm

About People:
Inmates master quilting while serving time
KOMO Seattle
Fri, 15 Jan 2010
Behind the razor wire and guard towers at the Monroe Correctional Complex, men convicted of heinous crimes are serving time sewing.

Art Institute's Passion for Fashion winner announced
Charleston City Paper
Sat, 16 Jan 2010
Demetrius Washington, a senior at the School of the Arts in North Charleston, took first place in The Art Institute of Charlestonâs Passion for Fashion Competition. Washington, who was taught to sew by a group of teachers and volunteers at the School of the Arts, was inspired to show that the South does have a presence in fashion. His winning submission was a cover for a mock magazine called ..

Showcase at fairgrounds offers variety of ideas that hit home
Salem Statesman Journal
Sun, 17 Jan 2010 03:25 AM PST
In addition to being practical, sewing is a very green hobby

Sew close to the deadline Havasu high schoolers put finishing touches on clothing lines for cityâs first fashion week
Today's News-Herald Sun, 17 Jan 2010
Kady Riggan said she designed her first dress as soon as she could pick up a crayon. It was forever ago, said the 16-year-old
Lake Havasu High School junior. You couldn’t really tell what it was, it was just an outline, but it had a matching purse and shoes.

About Businesses:
Rare sewing machine stolen
Isle of Wight County Press
Mon, 18 Jan 2010
A sewing machine
similar to the one reported stolen. THE theft of a rare miniature sewing machine has prompted a police appeal for information.

Hobbycraft sews up strong sales
Daily Telegraph
Mon, 18 Jan 2010
Strong sales of sewing machines
and jigsaw carrying cases helped Hobbycraft, the art and craft retailer, see like-for-like sales increase by 10.6pc over the six weeks to January 3.

Organizers 'sew' excited about Knitting and Crochet Festival
Pine Creek Journal
Thu, 14 Jan 2010
Four Points Sheraton will host the sixth annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival on Feb. 13 from 9 a.m
. to 5 p.m. and Feb. 14 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Del Tech offers programs for fashion design and sewing
Cape Gazette
Tue, 19 Jan 2010
Students can acquire the skills needed to begin in the field of fashion design or master sewing skills at Delaware Technical & Community College, Owens Campus.

Giving Back:
Blanket sleeper project helps preemies
The Iowa City Press-Citizen
Sat, 16 Jan 2010
The Preemie Project -- started by Coralville resident Laura Aker in 2005 -- uses the skills of volunteers to crochet, sew and knit items for babies in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinicsâ neonatal and pediatric intensive care units.

How To:
Valentine Sewing Projects
Fri, 15 Jan 2010
While Valentine's Day is of course intended to be celebrated by couples, I view it also as a day to demonstrate your love of family and friends. Show your love this year by making one (or more!) of the free Valentine themed sewing projects I have found on the web.

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Jan 17, 2010

Week in Review 1/17/10 - Boys Club

Week two of the new year brought warmer weather with more people attending sewing class.

First, the difference living in cold weather and warm: All the layers clothing which means more laundry. And because there's more fabric in cold weather clothing than warm you can't put as much in each load. - Using heat to warm up the inside dry's the heck out of your skin. - It's more money to heat than to cool down the house - The car doesn't start so well in cold weather, never a problem in warm (my poor car is 15 years old, older than the kids) - The kids never say "I'm hot" but the cold weather sure does make them whine "I'm cold". I love when it cools down but it was way too cold here. I'm thankful it warmed up!

Some of the 12 classes I ran this week were slow - others were full.

7 people attended the machine class
5 people attended cutting class learning to cut a lot of dresses
15 people came to sewing class making vest, toddler dress, skirts, dresses and pants. All clothing this week. 

This week we had a lot of men attending class. Saturday we had 5 boys and 1 girl. Who knew men wanted to learn to sew as much as women! I didn't. 

We started off on Monday night with friends Peter and Ed attending sewing class to learn how to sew vest they cut out last week in cutting class. They also came to Wednesday night and Saturday's sewing class.  They're making different holiday vest for parties they attend; Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day. My goal with my students is to get them comfortable sewing at home. These two are on their way to many sewing hours at home. They are learning all the things being taught to them. It might take a couple of tries for it to click but it's clicking.  They both bought really good machines that will last them a long time, Yes, these friends will be having fun hours sewing together. 

Friday I ended up canceling the afternoon sewing class because the kids got out of school early. When there's early release my little man doesn't have aftercare. There was no one to pick him up from school so my class got canceled. It's really nice to be in control of your time which teaching allows me to be there for my kids when they need me.

Saturday was a full machine class in the morning. It's more fun for me to teach my students how to do sewing techniques rather than teach them all about the sewing machine. But I have to say the energy from all the students at the end of each machine class is great. Everyone's so excited to use what you've just taught them. There are many smiles when people leave this class excited to start on the wonderful world of sewing.

I thought I had a full class on Saturday afternoon from 1-3 but only ended up having one person. I'm going to have to be more strict about people scheduling classes and not attending. I'm really easy going when people can't attend and want to reschedule but when I think I have a full class, tell people they can't attend because the class is full and end up only have one person in class- that isn't right. I will only be scheduling people if they know for sure they can attend. When people don't attend I'll have to charge them for it. I don't want to be like this but I've had many times when I've been left high and dry. Not only me but other people who do want to attend can't.

Saturday afternoon 3-5 class ended up being a boys class. We had young Christopher who I told you about a couple of weeks ago sewing his skirt, Scott's sewing his purple dress. It's coming along nicely. His next step will be welt pockets. I'm going to have him practice before we do it on his dress. Peter and Ed were making their vest and Brad finished his dog bed at home. He's trying to figure out what he wants to stuff it with since polyfill can be so expensive. I suggested going to a thrift store to pick up a couple of comforters to stuff inside. He started cutting out a pair of cargo pants for his next project. Lauren was the only girl in class Saturday afternoon doing more to a skirt we're trying to get the right fit on.

I ended up finishing my pants (again no pictures) They're really baggy but very comfortable just they way I like them. I also made a new "Learn 2 Sew" sign for my front window.

I think next week I'll put the camera in my pocket so I remember to take more pictures. It's about the sewing for me not pictures...sorry :)

Next week classes
Sewing Monday 6-8pm
Cutting Tuesday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6-8pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-12noon
Machine Thursday 3-8pm
Machine Friday 10am-12noon
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10-12noon
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

Now it's time to go do all that laundry from last week.  

Until next time,
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Jan 14, 2010

Learn 2 Sew Project Runway Season 7 Contest

With a new season of Project Runway starting tonight I will be starting a new Learn 2 Sew Project Runway Season 7 Contest.

Let's Play
Project Runway
with Prizes

Learn 2 Sew Project Runway Season 7 Contest!

Do you want to play? The winner will receive 20 hours of sewing class at L2S

RULES:  If you want to play all you have to do is
1) Sew as many designs as you want. All designs must be made in sewing class. As you sew your designs pictures will be taken. Only finished garments will be accepted.

2) Deadline to sew your designs in class will be the date of Project Runway episode when they announce who will be going to Bryant Park. (This date has not been announced yet by Lifetime)

3) Describe the garment in writing. Tell me what kind of fabric you used and a little bit about your project like what you like about it and what inspired you.

4) All designs will be posted on L2S website and at the sewing studio the day of the deadline when voting begins. Anyone can vote for your design one time. Voting ends when we find out who wins Project Runway.

The design with the most votes will win the prize of 20 hours of sewing class.
Second place will win 10 hours of sewing class.

One prize per STUDENT.
The winners will be announced on Friday - The day after the last episode. (dates
TBA when Lifetime post them)

Let the sewing begin! 
Good Luck to all designers who wants to play! 

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,