Dec 30, 2009

Year in Review - Learning the Good Things

I know for many of us 2009 was a very hard year. We’ve struggled surviving in society with the job losses, medical issues and for some the loss of loved ones.

I’m “sew” very thankful for the success of Learn 2 Sew. They say it takes 3-4 years before you start seeing any rewards from your actions when starting a business. This has been my 3rd year open and it was the most rewarding thus far. All the hard work does pay off.

I moved the business to a better location this past year and had many more attending sewing class I believe because I’m a couple of blocks from the interstate. It’s easy for people to come and go.

I had almost 300 people attend my sewing class since January. It’s very exciting for me to give my knowledge to this many people. If you’re real quiet you can hear the humming of sewing machines all over South Florida….and more waiting to learn.

Not only do I love passing on my sewing knowledge but what I’ve learned walking my path. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a thing or two from my lessons learned:

As different as we all are there’s one thing we all have the same, time. We all have the same 24 hours in each day. How we spend our time determines what kind of life we will have. It’s our choice to decide how we embrace each moment. Not so much in our actions that are controlled by others (running a business and being a mom), but in our thoughts and attitude. The moments strung together make up our years, the years make up our life…and oh how the years pass quickly. Good-bye 2009

Within our 24 hours most of us strive for the same thing, to give and receive love. Love is what fills the heart and brings the smiles. There are many things that make us smiles: family, friends, sewing, dancing, music, and reading – each of us have our special things we love, we cherish. When we have many smiles each day we can leave knowing we did the best in our 24 hours given to us, a gift given at birth, life.

We're all born with lessons to learn. If we don't learn our lessons they will only repeat themselves until we do learn them, each as an individual and as a whole, the human race. Each day has something to offer us. There are two things I ask my kids everyday. Tell me something you learned today because knowledge is strength. And I ask them; tell me something good that happened today because when we look at the good things in life our lessons are learned. All the bad things are lessons waiting to be taught. If we can just look at all the good things that happen to us each day in our 24 hours given we can take our last breath, like all of us must do, and leave with a smile and a heart filled with love knowing we have used our gift the best we could.

But... for me personally, going through every thing we have in 2009 with being in foreclosure and finding ourselves on hard financial times - (always look at the good) I ask for that which is needed and always say thank you when it arrives at my feet. I may not always be given what I want but I'm always given what is needed. When you arrive to the fact no matter where your person may be, you will always have a home because a house is just a house but a home is a house filled with love. I have so much love to give to my kids - we will always have a home.

2009 was the year I did more blogging for my business and also found a wonderful community that exists behind the screens. The sewing community is a loving caring people with so much to offer the next person. I love reading what all my online friends from all over the world make and sometimes how they made it. Some people share their personal lives more than others. When you look at all of us – we really are all the same. Loving the art of sewing while we share what we know with the next person. Not only was I able to share Learn 2 Sew with all of you but I was also learn so much from my online friends whose blogs are on my blog roll to the left (and a few others I read who will make the list soon – I need more time LOL).

To my blogging friends - Thank you for giving me knowledge that helped me in my business. I've learned much from you.

To my students - Thank you for taking the time to learn the art of sewing. I promise you it will bring you many hours of joy and smiles.

And for everyone who had a very hard year with the loss of a loved one – remember what a precious gift you have in your life… your loved ones who passed this year will always be with you. Your hearts strung together with stitches of love.

Now it’s time to say good bye to 2009 – WAVE GOODBYE!
And give 2010 a great big old HUG HELLO.

Feed the things you cherish most and they will grow. Ignore them and they go nowhere or die…. There’s only 24 hours to make them grow…. As Patrick said before he passed this year - GET BUSY LIVING!

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,


  1. I am so honored to be one of the bloggers on your blog list. I have learned so much from you in so many areas of my life this year. I have learned about how to start a business, which I guess you've figured out that I have postponed for the time being (partly due to not having a space and partly due to not being willing to give up my time!). I have learned many sewing tips from you. I have learned more importantly, though, what a truly loving person should be. You are so free with your thoughts on humanity and how we should all learn to live together in harmony. Why, when God created us all, would we hate each other because of the differences he gave us? I don't believe in tolerance. I think that means that we just let things be the way they are without causing a stir. I believe instead in embracing our differences in color, religion, culture, and any other characteristics we may have. You are a true friend to me, even though we have never physically met one another. I feel that I could come to you with any kind of problem or joy and that you would feel with me. Thank you!

  2. I hope the new year brings you joy, peace and prosperity. And keep that blog going. I SEW enjoy reading it!

  3. I too am honored to be on your blog list. You are such a wonderful, caring, and sharing person! I am so glad that I've gotten to know you better virtually. Only wish I lived closer to you. Happy and prosperous New Year my friend!

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