Dec 6, 2009

Week in Review 12/06/2009

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas. The trees are going up, the neighborhoods are lite with holiday colors. The presents are being bought and all the holiday shows are on TV.  There's 3 more weeks - are you ready?

Just to share something fun with you. For many years at this time of year I would sing on my message machine. "Tis the season to go shopping spend all your money and go in debt. So leave a message at the tone and I'll give you a call when I get home." That was when we only had land lines with message machines on them. The days before beepers and cell phones.

I already mentioned what happened this week in my last post. It was a strange one

3 people attended the machine class
1 person came to cutting class and cut pants
12 people attended sewing class making skirts, pants, alterations, kids clothing, shorts, dresses and tops.

Tuesday's machine class was canceled due to lack of enrollment. Not many people wanted to learn the machine this week but wait until they get them as presents. My machine classes will be full of smiling faces wanting to learn their new implement of sewing construction.

The one thing that was cut this week in cutting class were yoga pants. I get a lot of people wanting to make yoga clothing and mats. They are very easy things to make as a first project. Once we get the right fit you can make many pants.

The reason why I let my students make what they want is because when I do have everyone making the same project some people sew slower than others. We will all start on the same step and before long some move on to step 3 and 4 while others are on step 2.  And everyone has their something special they want to make, not what I tell them they have to make.

Corina is one of those students who sews very quickly and understands the concept of putting the fabric together. Her first project was her entry to the Project Runway contest. Every time she comes to class she has a new project cut  ready to sew. If she owned her own machine I know shew would be sewing at home. 

She made this dress in a couple of hours.  I tell her what to do, walk away, look back after a few minutes and shes on to the next step with no problems. I love she has no fear and not afraid to make a mistake. This is how we learn, from our mistakes.



Dina has been attending the same class as Corina. (see, I remembered to pull out the camera that night LOL) This was her first project making a cute little dress for her daughter. She already has a pair of pants cut out of the same fabric she's making for son. We were able to sew the fly zipper before she left class. I did write down the number of her pattern but - heck if I can find it now. :) I really will try to remember what pattern's students are using if anyone wants to make them too. 

I really liked the end results of this dress. It's an easy project to do after you sew the bodice everything just flows together. I taught Dina how to do the blindhem stitch instead of topstitching. She decided to hand sew the hem. It had pins in it and needed a good final press. 


I have many students who start with the cutting class because they know how to use their machines. Dana was one of those students. She actually brought her machine to the sewing class to learn how to sew zippers. She brought in several zippers and scrap fabric. I showed her several different techniques in a couple of hours. 

I really want my students to sew at home when they have their own machine. Dana started this cute little dress in class and finished it at home. When the student does this I know they are on their way to a wonderful world of sewing. No fear and great things can be achieved. And when you do the things you're afraid of doing it gives you strength to do more. She was late to class yesterday because she cut was busy cutting out her next Vogue pattern which had a lot of pieces with different fear. 

Dana brought a friend with her to class. (she receives a free hour of class for bringing a friend) Both of them are having fun together learning the art of sewing - both having that sewing glow filled with pride of what they just did in class. It's a great feeling to have as anyone who sews knows.....

A few people paid for class and didn't attend without a phone call. If you need to reschedule just call me. It's not a problem to hook you into another class. I just want you to come back to class that you paid for. 

Next weeks classes:
Sewing Monday 6-8pm
Sewing Wednesday 11am-1pm and 6-8pm
Sewing Thursday 10am-2pm
Machine Thursday 6-8pm
Machine Friday 10am-12noon
Sewing Friday 1-3pm
Cutting Saturday 10am-12noon
Sewing Saturday 1-5pm

To all my students; Seats are available to any class you would like to attend. You can make your own schedule to fit your busy lifestyle this time of year. 
To all my online friends and readers -

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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  1. Again, more great projects from your students. That little jumper is so cute.