Dec 18, 2009

Summer in the Winter

For everyone who is knee deep in snow we are knee deep in water. In some places almost 11 inches of water! It started raining really hard during cutting class last night about 6:30pm and by 8 the streets were flooded. I almost had to swim to my car and prayed I didn't get stuck in the huge bodies of water that were flowing down the street.

They say we're going to have more of the same all afternoon. Really? We've been breaking record heat and now this storm. It"s like the hurricane season here right now. We've never used our ac this much in December or seen this much rain. They say Miami will be islands like the keys with global warming. With all this weather, I believe them.

I hope people can make it to class today. I need to do more holiday sewing on the never ending sewing list. So much to do, so little time. Then the weather slows you down.

One happy thing today - it's the last day of school. I get to have my wonderful children with me for the next two weeks. Let the fun begin! Yippee. I never thought I wouldn't like school this much as an adult :) But don't tell my kids that. School is FUN right kids??? RIGHT!

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

Photo Courtesy of Miami Herald MARICE COHN BAND / MIAMI HERALD STAFF

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  1. I saw your water this morning on GMA. I hope you escape the hurricane season without incident. We have a little bit of snow in Michigan. I'd like to see a white Christmas.

    Have a wonderful holiday.