Dec 23, 2009

Half Week in Review 12/23/09

There were only 3 sewing classes this week at L2S with 8 people attending. I will be closed now until January 2nd.

I did have a few people buy gift certificates this week as presents. I think sewing makes a wonderful gift. It's something people have a great desire to do but don't always give it to themselves.

Kerry, from L2S Project Runway Contest has been working on baby caps.

She came to class last week to learn how to make them. The first one came out a little small. This was the second cap she made. She also has an almost finished purple dress to go along with it. The cute little outfit is going to be a Christmas present. This is the only finish project I took a picture of this week.

The other students in class got closer to completing their projects and have made arrangements to return to sewing class after the new year.

I finished my mothers quilt. A quilter I am not. I don't enjoy the process. When you don't like doing something you don't do it well. I know good old mom will love the so much. I did a pattern that I didn't have to line up any seams. I only had a few hours to make this in. I finished it tonight after class ended. I don't make very big quilts, just ones she can throw over her legs when she get's cold. I always add the kids pictures from the year and put the year on it.

I also made good old mom a t-shirt of the kid. Very easy to do using a iron t-shirt transfer. She loves wearing these shirts while she's out and about so she can talk about her grand kids. So many people from the grocery store, bank and other places my mom visits know me and my kids and I don't know them. It's a very strange thing to meet people with her and they act like they've known me my whole life.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. My daughter is cooking baked ziti (she likes making it but not eating it). We're having a nice family dinner then we'll let the kids open a gift or two - like the pj's I made them to wear for "Santa". Christmas day will be spent enjoying the moments with the kids, making a nice breakfast, baking some cookies and making a roast in the crock pot and a ham in the oven because I couldn't decide what I wanted so I figured we will be home all weekend I would cook them both. 

Next week will be spent at my sewing studio having the air conditioner replaced and new carpet installed. I hope to get more sewing in while they are doing their work.

May all my online friends and students who read my blog have a most wonderful Christmas. I hope you have precious memories that will stay with you always.

Keep your light shinning bright.....

Until next time,
Enjoy your moments ~ make them "sew" much fun,

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